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First highway trip in the driving school: Tips for learner drivers

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Motorway driving is part of the training in every driver's license class

The Training in the driving school intended to be aspiring drivers license holders prepare comprehensively for participation in road traffic. As many situations as possible should therefore be simulated during the driving lessons.

Every learner driver has to have one Emergency braking carry out, start up on the mountain or use a roundabout. Also the Highway driving is an essential part of driving license training.

But what should you watch out for when driving on the motorway for the first time?What duration is scheduled? The following guide gets to the bottom of these questions and provides you with comprehensive information. In addition, you will get some Tips for driving on the motorway.

FAQ: Motorway driving in the driving school

For which driving license classes must a motorway trip be completed?

Driving on the motorway is one of the special drives and must be completed in order to acquire the driving license classes A, A1, A2, B, C, C1 and C1E. No approval for the practical driving test can take place without driving on the motorway.

How long does the motorway journey take?

That depends on which driver's license class the respective motorway journeys are made for. You can find out more about this in our guide to special trips.

How expensive are motorway journeys?

The prices are not regulated by law, so that the driving schools can determine themselves how expensive a motorway trip is. The desired driving license class can also influence the price.

Driving on the motorway is mandatory in the driving school

To a Driving license training belong in Germany Practice and theory. In both areas are Compulsory lessons required. Admission to the respective examinations can only be granted if these have been completed.

It is true that the law does not regulate how many practice drives a learner driver has to complete, but there are the so-called Special trips. These are required by law. In addition to the Night and overland journeys, including the motorway.

This is mandatory for almost all driving license classes. As the name suggests, learner drivers and driving instructors take to the expressway. Be there practiced different things: That’s for example Up and down an important part of the motorway journeys.

Also the Changing lanes at high speed should be practiced. If the traffic conditions permit and you are on a section of the route on which only the Recommended speed prescribed is, you may as a rule also once test out, how fast the driving school car can actually drive.

Good to know: The ones for driving on the Autobahn set duration is dependent from that, with which vehicle you are traveling. For the driving license classes A1, A2, A, B, for example, 180 minutes are set in each case.

Motorway driving in the driving school: What you need to consider

There are a few rules to be observed on the autobahn, which you should internalize in the driving school before driving on the autobahn. So you can For example, do not turn around on the expressway or even park the vehicle.

Besides, it is forbidden to use the hard shoulderto move faster or even to avoid a traffic jam. It is also important that you with Congestion by making one Rescue alley enable the emergency services to access a possible accident site.

All of these points become the Driving instructor Indeed Go through with you again before you start driving on the motorwayto make you feel well prepared. Otherwise it always applies full concentration of the road to dedicate.

Nice small driving mistakes can at high speed lead to serious collisionswhich not infrequently also result in personal injury. The instructions of the driving instructor must be strictly followed during the entire journey.

Good to know: How expensive a motorway trip is depends on the respective driving school. This can set the prices itself. Basically, it can be said that special trips are more expensive than normal practice trips.

Motorway trip: Tips for a successful special trip

In conclusion we have some tips put together to help you achieve the Mastering the motorway as well as possible.

  • Do not be afraid: If the driving instructor did not trust you to drive on the motorway, he would not have agreed on this. Trust your skills and keep calm.
  • No hasty driving maneuvers: The speed on the autobahn is fast. Suddenly jerking the steering wheel could lead to a serious accident. You should therefore carry out all driving maneuvers, such as changing lanes, calmly.
  • Anticipatory driving: If you want to leave the motorway in the near future, it is advisable to change to the right lane as early as possible.
  • distance: Always keep enough distance from the person in front. So you can still react if it suddenly slows down sharply. Otherwise a rear-end collision is inevitable.
  • Follow the instructor's instructions: The driving instructor has a great deal of experience and can reliably assess individual situations.
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