Why do people hate Taehyung


Do you know these people who keep thinking that girls and boys can never be "just friends"? I have spoken against it for years. I always said that it was bullshit and that it would work very well. Of course I presented the friendship between Tae and me, now nine years old, as an example to prove the opposite to these people.

Unfortunately, I didn't know until then that I was lying to myself. It happened two years ago. Tae and I went on a trip together again. Together with a few other friends and somehow I got more and more nervous. The longer I was around him, the stronger my heart beat for him. I wanted to be with him all the more. And when I couldn't be, I missed him. It became an untreatable drug. To my own incredible drug. To my drug with girlfriend.

Yes, you heard right. He introduced her to me six months ago. This girl with the big green eyes, the damn soft hair and the beautiful face. I could already see from the outside why Taehyung was in love with her. When she was happy and laughing, it wasn't just her lips that laughed. No, her eyes were shining too. And worst of all, I couldn't even hate her. She was friendly, courteous and ... Damn it, I don't really want to say it. She was cute. Really damn cute. Like a puppy wagging its tail with joy and snuggling up to its master.

Sighing, I lay on my bed and stared up at the ceiling. I would never be able to fight them.

He would never fall in love with me.

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