Which is better SPSS or STATA

SPSS or R?

R, on the other hand, is a source statistics program. It can be expanded as required using packages. R applications can also be used interactively on the web via Shiny. R is initially perceived by many users as difficult, as it looks very complicated due to the command language and also requires knowledge of methods. After a short learning phase and above all by using R Studio, you can counteract this well. The following figure shows a calculation in R Studio.


  • current implementation of new statistical methods
  • large number of packages that are continuously updated by the developer community
  • Can be easily integrated into other applications
  • Large number of help tools
  • huge online community
  • flexible command language
  • Analysis steps, output individually adaptable
  • Version applicable for all common operating systems
  • free version


  • Longer familiarization time with the R commands
  • Some packages are not yet fully developed
  • Knowledge of methods REQUIRED

License model:

R is available as a General Public License and is therefore free.

You should decide based on your needs and also your strengths or weaknesses. If you prefer usability and you have a university entrance, then choose SPSSĀ®. However, if you are looking for a longer-term program outside of the university, I would tend to prefer R. At this point it should also be noted that in addition to these two there are a few other programs, such as Statistica, SAS or STATA, which are also well suited for data analysis.