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Modesty: Sympathetic Career Killer?

Modesty is a highly valued quality of character. Show-offs, self-promoters and other personalities who constantly and above all unsolicited push themselves into the center of attention do not go down well with most people. Modest and frugal people, on the other hand, are generally considered to be personable, considerate and generally very sociable. Unfortunately, modesty as a strength of character does not change the fact that it can often be an obstacle on a professional level - and instead the vicious and arrogant competitors enforce and become more successful. Cheek wins it is not called popularly for nothing. In fact, you should be careful about your humility at work - yes Used correctly, you can still benefit from it ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Modesty: What Is Virtue In?

Modesty is far less tangible than other character traits. It is not so noticeable, it is not in the center of attention and is especially noticed when it is absent. Modesty is most likely to be directly observed in everyday life, for example when someone foregoes an expensive product even though he could actually afford it. Often used as synonyms for modesty Frugality or modesty used.

Nevertheless, many find it difficult to name exactly whereby the virtue of humility manifests itself. In the case of boasting and arrogance about oneself, however, a description is much easier because the characteristics are more openly displayed and can be directly experienced by those around you.

Humble people don't search everywhere and all the time Recognition and attention. You can withdraw yourself, let others take the limelight and still be at peace and content with yourself.

Modesty is rather quiet in comparison, but can also be recognized by some features. The most important are:

  • To be able to enjoy the little things.

    It doesn't always have to be the best of the best to be happy. This applies to the apartment, the house, the clothing as well as to all other areas of life. Those who are modest are also satisfied with less and are at least as happy as everyone else.

  • To be able to share appreciation.

    Modesty is also reflected in the fact that you don't just claim your laurels for yourself. Your self-esteem does not depend on being admired by everyone and being the center of attention. This can sometimes go so far that it is difficult to accept praise and recognition.

Modesty can be a conscious choice to be around others

Quotes and sayings about humility

  • Modesty is an ornament, but one gets further without it.A phrase that is often wrongly attributed to Wilhelm Busch
  • False humility is the most propitious of all liesNicolas-Sébastien de Chamfort
  • Even the most humble person thinks more of himself than his best friend thinks of him.Marie Freifrau von Ebner-Eschenbach
  • Humility in the face of mediocre ability is mere honesty. With great talent, it is hypocrisy.Arthur Schopenhauer
  • Humility is the beginning of all reason.Ludwig Anzengruber

Humility stands in the way of your own success

In the job, where you deal with a wide variety of character types, you usually come across both extremes: the humble and frugal colleague and the particularly pushy self-promoter who can always be found where he receives the greatest attention from everyone else. The vast majority probably agree which of the characters is better received by the other colleagues. But the vote is just as uniform when it comes to which type more successful at the end of the day is.

It may seem unfair, but in many cases the assessment of success can be made purely on the basis of modesty, without going into more detail about the performance. Or in other words: Humility can get in the way of success. It happens again and again that someone with poorer performance or less experience climbs the career ladder faster than others because the few successes are handled differently.

Those who often enough put themselves in the limelight and stand out positively will - especially with the boss - stay in the memory longer, position themselves as an important specialist (even if the reality may sometimes be different) and are more often considered for salary increases or promotions. In the end, performance doesn't speak for itself and those who are too modest are unfortunately often overtaken by more vigorous competitors.

The two most common ways that being humble at work becomes a problem:

  1. Your achievements go unnoticed

    The most important factor: As positively as modesty is received, if no one realizes what your achievements are, they will fizzle out without any impact on your career. You probably know the phrase: Do good things and talk about it. Orienting oneself to this standard can bring the decisive advantage, especially in the job.

  2. They promote the success of others

    Basically, envy has mostly negative effects in the workplace and you should allow others to be successful. But if you are too modest, you sacrifice your own opportunities and advance your colleagues' careers. If your colleagues always receive recognition for your achievements, you are a good team player, but you always stand on the spot yourself.

Modesty: It depends on the measure

Please don't get this wrong. It's not about throwing all modesty overboard in the future and sticking with it instead Urge for recognition and attention stand out. As is so often the case, the same applies to modesty: the dose makes the poison. It can definitely be worthwhile to be modest - if only because other people find it very sympathetic.

However, there are times when you should limit your modesty a little. If you have performed well, let the boss associate your name with it. If it was your idea that led to success, you are allowed to do so to note with pride. And if you landed a large customer or an important order through your presentation, you should make sure that the boss knows who this is thanks to.

This does not have to be intrusive or unfriendly. You don't have to be a t-shirt that says Buy best employee ever and strut around the office. Instead, give to the boss regular updates on progress - and of course the successes achieved.

Also, you need to don't let it be pushed into the backgroundwhen a pushy colleague tries to claim the laurels entirely for himself. It is perfectly legitimate for you to mention your post.

What sounds so simple is a major challenge for the truly humble person. Therefore, above all, it helps Exercise and a great deal of self-confidenceIn order to be able to address your own achievements and to receive the appropriate reward in the long term in the form of a salary increase or promotion.

Humility leads to important relationships in the workplace

It may not always be easy for a humble disposition to assert oneself against all the scene-setters, self-promoters and show-offs that one comes across in professional life, but you have to don't throw in the gun and come to terms with itthat the others have an advantage over you.

In a study, the Bonn psychology professor Gerhard Blickle was able to show that modesty can actually have a positive effect on professional development - especially at the beginning of a career. The decisive factor is how it is used. The results of the study show: Modest young professionals develop better relationships with mentors or other executives and can rely on their support, which means that your career goes up faster.

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