What do you think of Gestalt therapy

Integrative Gestalt Therapy

Integrative Gestalt therapy is one of the humanistic processes in psychotherapy. Frederick Salomon Perls and Laura Perls founded their own psychotherapy direction together with the American social philosopher and writer Paul Goodman. It has its roots in psychoanalysis, gestalt psychology and philosophy, among others.

What's this?

Gestalt therapy is

Attention to yourself

Respect and appreciation for what women / men are

Practicing trust in yourself

Look closely, listen and feel in the here and now

Learning to recognize what you want and what you need (and what not)

A process of "completing"

Expanding the opportunities to trade

Finding out what you actually want

Encouragement for self-determination

Experience concrete changes

The effort to grasp the human being as a whole and unity of body, intellect and emotion

The endeavor to make yourself as a therapist superfluous as soon as possible

Gestalt therapy works with the perception of the outer and inner world (dreams) and the perception of things of the imagination.

Aim of Gestalt therapy:

... is your conscious self-determination. That means, you determine your therapy goal. Nobody else.
Gestalt therapy supports you as a client to get what you want from the world for yourself
Need to be happy.
What sounds so banal is not that easy. To do this, the person must:
1. Feel what he wants and needs (contact with his need);
2. Find ways how he can get it (contact with his environment);
3. be able to get it (acting, intervening in his environment);
4. Integrate it into oneself;
5. Find out whether his need has actually been satisfied by this action (learning).

In Gestalt therapy you will:

speak and tell;

Expressing things without words;

Doing experiments;

pay attention to your own experience;

Perceiving things in their entirety

Identify needs and take them seriously;

Try things out;

Bring solutions to life;

directing mindfulness away from words and towards the body (from content to expression);

experience what skills you have;

Experiencing responsibility as the power to change things;

Balance self-delimitation and empathy;

Reintegrate parts of the personality that you have not lived for a long time;

Check beliefs for their usefulness in the here and now;

Use your dreams as a great inner treasure chest;

focus on the HOW and not the WHY;

Experience therapy as teamwork.