What does 100 cashback mean

What is the cashback system?

The word “cashback” is on everyone's lips. Many consumers have long since discovered that this system can save a lot of money. For everyone who is not familiar with this savings option, we explain the cashback system.

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Whether Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday - there are regular action days not only in branch stores but also online. According to bargain providers, you can save a lot with these. This is no exception at mycashbacks.com either. If bargains are not advertised directly in the branch or in the online shop, cashback pages can help.

What are cashback systems?

Cashback hides a simple promise: if you buy something, you get cash back. The percentage or the amount of the cashback can vary. Cashbacks, where 100% of the purchase price is refunded, are particularly popular with customers. With a cashback system, consumers are, so to speak, rewarded for their loyalty to a product or a brand.

Cashback portals must be distinguished from other loyalty programs. If points have to be collected there before you receive some kind of reward in the form of cash or other prizes, you get something back immediately with cashback.

This is how cashback works

There are many cashback providers. Therefore, a distinction must first be made between manufacturer cashback and retailer cashback. Here are the most important facts:

Dealer cashback

  • Affiliate Marketing Tool
  • Users create an account on the cashback portal
  • Portals refer end customers to an online shop for a commission
  • Customers receive part of the commission from the agent
  • in most cases, a certain amount must be collected in the account before the payout

Dealer cashbacks are therefore a popular means of customer acquisition.

Manufacturer cashback

  • Cashback campaigns can be used through various portals
  • Providers have partnerships with large online retailers
  • Cashback campaigns are used to boost sales or to advertise a new product
  • Customers receive the amount of money directly from the product manufacturer
  • well-known cashback portals are z. B. shoop.de and sparwelt.de

Manufacturer cashbacks are a form of advertising for manufacturers' sales markets

This is how the cashback works

With a dealer cashback, 4 simple steps are sufficient to get your cashback:

  1. Buy the participating promotional product in a store of your choice
  2. Submit the receipt by post or online, depending on the conditions of participation
  3. Entering personal information, such as account details (in some cases, questions about how we like the product must be answered)
  4. Direct transfer of the cashback by the manufacturer

What are hybrid systems?

But how can you become aware of cashback promotions? The solution is in so-called hybrid systems. These are providers who bundle the offer of individual manufacturer cashback campaigns. Anyone who creates an account is always informed about new promotions.

After purchasing the promotional product, the receipt can be uploaded via the app. It usually only takes a few days for the receipt to be checked and activated. The amount of money then ends up as credit in the virtual account and can be paid out from a certain amount.

Why are cashback systems useful?

Cashback campaigns have advantages for both sides - manufacturers or retailers and consumers. This gives customers the opportunity to buy or test products at a discounted price or free of charge. Dealers benefit from a commission and a platform is created for manufacturers, thanks to which they can gain important knowledge. This can be helpful, for example, to make product improvements.

July 31, 2019