You can buy lobster with food stamps


Lobsters are special specimens of the so-called decapods because, unlike other crustaceans, they do not have claws. They belong to the family of shellfish and crustaceans and are primarily at home in oceans with moderate water temperatures: for example in the Mediterranean or the Atlantic. The nocturnal animals prefer to live on rocky floors. In addition to lobsters, lobsters are the most expensive delicacy among the crustaceans. The white meat of the tail part, which is located under the chitin shell of the animals, is consumed.

Preparation of lobster

Depending on whether lobsters are processed with shell or without, the methods of preparation differ from each other. If the lobster meat is cooked in the shell, it can develop a special aroma. For this, methods of preparation such as grilling or cooking in the oven come into question, whereby the lobster is halved lengthways with a sharp kitchen knife beforehand. The halves of the body can also be fried in a pan with the open side down.

If the meat is removed from the shell before preparation, it can also be fried in the pan. Care should be taken not to expose the meat to the high heat for a short time, otherwise it can quickly become dry and tough.

Matching spices

In addition to pepper and salt, spices such as bay leaves, thyme or caraway seeds also go well with lobster. Butter or olive oil round off the hearty, sweet taste of the meat very well. Freshly squeezed lemon juice also adds a fruity-sour note to the crustaceans' own taste.