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Finding the right words: Our tips for successful advertisement texts

Your potential guest does not know you and your holiday accommodation. So how do you get him to spend his well-deserved vacation with you? The key to success: In the first step, you have to convince potential holidaymakers of yourself and the accommodation you are offering with a flawless, appealing and promotional advertisement. The goal should be that his interest is aroused and the desire arises to want to spend the most free time of the year with you.

In addition to the provision of high-quality photos and important information such as available dates and rental prices, appealing texts are the most important prerequisite for a successful advertisement. You should therefore understand your ad as a detailed sales prospectus that needs constant optimization and updating.

Not all text is the same: Attract attention with sales-promoting texts

We all know that writing good texts is difficult. Professional texts that are search engine optimized on the one hand and address emotions and buying incentives on the other hand are all the more difficult.

Not all text is created equal: Good texts take time and personality

Hence our most important basic rule in advance: Your texts should describe the property and its surroundings in great detail, contain valuable information and, above all, have a pleasant effect. Today, good texts live from one thing above all else: personality! Sympathy can only arise if you show yourself authentically. That is why every text should be tailored as individually to you as the holiday accommodation is for your guest. Most importantly, always be honest. Small cheats and exaggerations are quickly discovered and punished by vacationers. It is essential to avoid the artificiality of an advertising brochure. But how can you make your texts arouse enthusiasm, be fun and, in the best case scenario, put the guest in a holiday mood?

Step by step: this is how your advertisement text works

The following tips are intended to help you perfect your ad texts step by step and show you how to cleverly package useful information in feel-good texts.

What makes your vacation home particularly attractive?

Learn to write authentic texts ...

that put the interested party in the holiday mood

  1. Take your time and define a clear goal

Take your time to design the advertisement and text. You will quickly find out that the time you have invested in the beginning will be worth it. Your main goal should be to generate the largest possible number of bookings (and not just booking inquiries) with the least possible investment of time and money.

  1. Make yourself aware of what your vacation home is and who your main target group is.

Especially if the accommodation is in a very popular holiday region, a good description is particularly important, but at the same time it is particularly difficult for you to create. Your description must stand out from a large number of objects with similar characteristics in order to stand out. Successful advertisements focus on the holiday guest. Therefore, you should start to think like your tenants. What is special about your holiday home, how does it differ from others and why, for example, have the Meier family come to you for many years?

You should answer the following questions about your holiday home yourself before You start with the formulation of your texts:

  • What would convince you yourself to decide exactly on your property?
  • What characteristics make your home special?
  • What are the advantages of your accommodation compared to similar ones in the neighborhood?
  • Which type of vacation would feel particularly comfortable with you and why?
  • Which leisure activities and excursion destinations are particularly attractive in the area?

Provide special features such as a pool, a spectacular sea view or

the Finnish sauna.

To get an even more authentic picture: Just ask, especially with your regular guests. People are happy when they are asked about their opinions and experiences and you get valuable information. Because the clearer and more precisely you can write down the appropriate answers to the questions asked, the easier it will be for you to transform these answers into a good description of the advertisement.

3. Formulate appealing texts

Well prepared, you can now relax and start creating or revising the individual components of your advertisement. You should make full use of the text and description fields available in the ad. In this context, please also note that references to other homepages or your own website are not permitted in the description fields. You can enter the link to your own website under Contact and this is then visible to the searcher at the end of the ad. And especially:Find the right wording! It is not just the information that counts, but also the language in which it is written. The more descriptive, useful and emotional you formulate, the more likely you will be able to convince the interested party.

Compose several text templates ...

and for different target groups: e.g. family

Professional tip: create different text templates

Write several texts for different target groups and seasons, which you can use as required. For example, if you rent a house near the beach on the Baltic Sea or a large holiday apartment in Austria, you should address families in particular during the holiday season and tailor your texts to their needs and wishes. However, if the vacation months are already booked, you can address friends traveling together or small groups in the off-season. Analyze exactly what preferences the different target groups have and write appropriate texts. Regardless of this, a separate text for different seasons is often helpful. The more flexible you are here, the more guests you will attract to your ad and are able to react quickly and easily to short-term gaps in the occupancy calendar.

In detail: Our individual text and description fields

  1. The title

This should only consist of the name of the accommodation. No information about rooms, prices, persons or stars may be given here.

Example of a good headline: "Ferienhaus Rote Mühle" or "Ferienwohnung Theodor"

  1. The short description

The short description can decide whether a visitor will look at your entire advertisement. So you should briefly describe the advantages and special features here. It is best to mention the type of accommodation, a special feature and the location of the property.

Example: "Cozy house with a spacious pool in the middle of nature in beautiful Tuscany"

  1. The description of the object

Here you should describe the holiday accommodation in as much detail as possible and highlight the advantages. What makes your property so unique? Avoid abbreviations like "Fewo" and use words like "Ferienwohnung" or "Ferienhaus" instead. Your potential tenants search for exactly these terms in the search engines and may end up directly on your ad. However, you shouldn't use a certain term too often, as this could have the exact opposite effect when searching for a search engine. Avoid pure lists of equipment features in the description texts. This means that you risk that interested parties will turn away from your ad, bored, due to repetitions, as information on rooms and equipment is clearly displayed after the property description. Under the menu item "Equipment" in the landlord area, you can enter the relevant information here.

Example: The large TV with Blu Ray player and the free WiFi provide entertainment for young and old. The first-class equipped open kitchen offers everything for a common breakfast, lunch and dinner with the whole family.

Descriptions that initially philosophize in detail about the beautiful area or praise the various sports facilities are also not expedient at this point. On the one hand, most interested parties usually have already decided on a region before searching. On the other hand, it gives the impression that you don't have much to say about your property or even have something to hide.

  1. The description of the area

At this point, however, you should only describe the area and include the name of the place and region in which the accommodation is located in the text. Promotional extras in the resort make your advertisement particularly attractive.

  1. your contact details

Don't disappear into anonymity and introduce yourself personally. We live in a time of growing uncertainty and everyone wants to feel that their most valuable time of the year is in good hands right from the start. With a few personal words you can arouse emotions and sympathy in potential guests.

Follow some rules ...

to make the holidaymaker dream while reading your ad ...

and not to let boredom arise

In a nutshell: Dos and don'ts for appealing text design

  • Advertisements with short, factual sequences of equipment features and the usual empty phrases address very few interested parties.
  • Mention the main selling point at the beginning. This applies to all descriptions, but especially to the brief description.
  • Do the check and count the number of words per sentence. You should split sentences longer than 20 words.
  • You should not only name information, but also explain it. This helps the reader understand.
  • Write emotive texts and choose the direct customer approach: "Look forward to relaxing hours in a quiet atmosphere at your private pool"
  • Awards, references, encores - these things are of interest to your future holiday guests and should definitely be incorporated by you.

You should avoid the following points:

  • No lists: Please write in full sentences.
  • No special characters: Avoid special characters like ****. You can write “four stars” instead.
  • No abbreviations: write out all words in full.
  • No capital letters: Please do not write everything in full capital letters.
  • Not foreign words: They may convey a scholarly impression, but the text loses its liveliness and does not allow images to emerge in the mind.
  • No e-mail address and URLs: Please add your private e-mail address to the contact details of your ad. We do not display e-mail addresses and URLs in the text fields.
  • No copied texts: If you are already using the same texts for an advertisement or your homepage, this can have a negative effect on the search engines. Therefore, you should always rewrite your texts a little.
  • No dividing lines: Please do not use dividing lines or hyphens within the text.

One last tip: You can now find some professional copywriters on the World Wide Web who specialize in descriptions of vacation homes and who are happy to do the writing for you.


Take the test!

Read your text carefully from the guest's point of view and ask yourself the following question: "Do I see the benefits and would I inquire about this holiday home immediately?" No? Then you should use your existing optimization potential and revise your text. We wish you every success and are at your disposal.


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