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“Fly-over ramp” for effective construction site management: First use nationwide at the Hegau motorway junction

On September 28, Winfried Hermann MdL, together with Birgitta Worringen, Head of Department in the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI), approved the first so-called “fly-over ramp” in Germany at the Hegau near Singen (Hohentwiel) interchange. The traffic will continue on a provisional lane above the construction site. "The fly-over ramp is an exciting nationwide pilot project to minimize traffic disruption during construction work on the streets," said MP Hermann.

The drive-over ramps are particularly suitable for bridge construction work. Bridges often represent Achilles' heels in the traffic network, which is why the maintenance of these structures and the maintenance of the traffic function of bridges is of particular importance. Such work has hitherto been associated with considerable disruptions to traffic, as it has to be carried out with full or partial lane closures. The “fly-over ramps” provide a remedy by building a temporary bridge on the actual bridge and allowing traffic to drive over the construction site with the full number of lanes, only at a slightly reduced speed. In this way, road closures are reduced and the flow of traffic is optimized during a construction project.

The individual parts of the ramp at the Hegau interchange consist of five meter long and 3.50 meter wide individual lane slabs and are assembled like a modular system on frames of different heights to form a 110 meter long and 1.60 meter high ramp. The construction of the ramp takes eight to ten hours, depending on the number of lanes.

The state intends to purchase its own fly-over ramp and use it permanently for construction work on motorways as well as federal and state roads.

Additional Information:

Further information can be found on the website of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Transport.

You can find pictures of the “fly-over ramp” here

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