What is green juice

Juicing: liquid, green plant sap

All vitamins are retained when juicing. The minerals, phytochemicals and enzymes can also be easily and comfortably absorbed. It's easy to make and quick with a slow juicer. Delicious juice recipes can be found on many websites. There are also centrifuges that make green juices. The solid components are separated from the liquid components and a delicious juice flows out on one side and the pomace goes into the box on the other.

Fat burner smoothies

The fat burner smoothies conjure up a flatter stomach sooner or later and the belly fat is noticeably reduced. Drinking green juice every day will help you lose weight. The diet should be optimized for this. It is particularly ingenious if you pick up the pomace, i.e. the solid plant mass that has been created, mix it with linseed, sesame or sunflower seeds, spread it on the baking sheet and dry it at 40 degrees. Then there are real raw food crackers that not only taste great, but are also healthy. In any case, green juices are lower in calories than other vegetable juices. The micronutrients, i.e. the protein, the long-chain carbohydrates such as starch and protein, end up in the pomace as well as all fiber. The pure plant sap is retained and the vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances.

Great recipes for green juices

A green juice always contains at least one green vegetable. An example would be ginger or celery-grapefruit juice. Celery with orange and grapefruit also tastes great. Add a little rosemary and the green juices are perfectly integrated. The pomegranate with celery is also delicious. Swiss chard and vanilla with apple or chicory with pomegranate and coriander are other examples of how to combine fruits and green vegetables for juicing. Furthermore, kale with coriander and apple or orange taste very good. Ginger should always be with you and pumpkin, pear and savoy cabbage are also worth a try. Pineapple with celery and papaya are also particularly popular. Cucumber, rosemary and pineapple are also tasty options.

The perfect energy kick

The green juices give you an energy kick that has a positive effect on the entire immune system, especially in the morning. The contained glucose or fructose goes quickly into the blood and the blood sugar rises slightly and misses the desired energy kick. Half a liter of green plant juice daily is recommended and the vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances it contains are healthy and wake you up. Compared to the pulpy smoothies, the green juices are also much easier to digest. Root vegetables such as beetroot, carrots and radishes can also be processed in this way, and the juice makes them easier for the stomach to tolerate.


If you want to optimize your diet, you should get a juicer or slow juicer that juices vegetables and fruits. The green vegetable and fruit juices are easy to digest, tasty and contain many vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances that are healthy and strengthen the immune system.