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1 2010 Modena Club Germany MCD

2 Fashion breeding from the Central Modena district - Schietti blue with white bands, red pale with white bands, blue light shield Werner Friedrich Rembrücker Weg Obertshausen Tel: 06104/44754

3rd edition The MCD-Info is the information sheet of the Modena Club Germany. It is not permitted to republish or copy the content without first obtaining the permission of the author of an article. The MCD assumes no responsibility for the correctness of an article sent in and reproduced. Editor: Editor: Overall production: Modena-Club Germany Franz Schaffer Howa Druck & Satz GmbH 1st chairman Reinhard Bretting Unterferrieden, Horst Fabi Ostendstraße 26 Seepoint 13 Herboldshofer Straße Hohenwart Burgthann Fürth-Stadeln

4 Contents Invitation to the annual general meeting Management of the MCD Annual report of the 1st chairman of the MCD Dates Show report of the 37th HSS of the MCD 2009 in Narsdorf Minutes of the annual general meeting Annual report of the East District Annual report of the Middle District Annual report of the Bavaria District Exhibition regulations and registration form HSS Summer Conference 2010, MCD Annual Report of the North District Annual Report of the South-West District Annual Report of the West District Membership Directory The invitations for the summer and autumn meetings and registration forms for the young animal meetings are contained in this booklet! 2

5 Modena Club Germany Modena-Club Detschland, Ostendstr. 26, Hohenwart 1st chairman Reinhard Bretting An alle Ostendstr. 26 members of the Hohenwart Modena Club Germany Tel .: / Hohenwart, August 10 Annual General Meeting 2010 in Thurnau, District of Bavaria Dear Modena friends, In accordance with our statutes, I cordially invite you all to Thurnau in the guest room of the exhibition hall to our breeding friends in the district Bavaria a. It takes place on Sunday, and starts at 9.30am. Agenda: 1. Welcome 2. Remembrance of the dead 3. Reading of the minutes from the annual reports with discussion - the chairman - the treasurer - the breed warden - the district chairman 5. Report of the auditors with a request for discharge of the board of directors 6. Budget planning 7. Dates of the European show Other dates of requests and miscellaneous I ask you to send motions for the annual general meeting in writing to me. Hoping to be able to welcome many breeding friends and young Modenas in Thurnau, I remain with kind breeder greetings. Bank details 2. Chairman Treasurer Secretary Breeding Warden Volksbank Höchst Helmuth Krengel Reinhard Schindler Gustav Bauer jun. Bernd Beck BLZ Im Kann 24 Bgm.-Lauck-Str. 31 Steigstrasse 20 Rendeler Str 75 Kto Bad Soden-Allend Flörsheim Bindlach Karben Tel .: / Tel .: / Tel .: / Tel .: /

6 The Board of Directors of the Modena Club Germany: Honorary Chairman: Günther Callies Weihersäge Allmendingen Tel / 2473 Bernd Walk Birkbuschstr Friolzheim Tel. 0172 / Honorary Members: Josef Becker Johannisstr Pulheim Tel / 59588 Urs Freiburghaus Birkenweg 8 CH Großhöchstetten Tel / Chairman: Reinhard Bretting Ostendstrasse Hohenwart Tel ./Fax 08443 / Chairman: Helmuth Krengel Im Kann Bad Soden-Allendf. Tel / Treasurer: Reinhard Schindler Bgm-Lauck-Str Flörsheim Tel / Treasurer: Peter Anders Ortstr. 27a Treppendorf Tel / Secretary: Gustav Bauer jun. Steigstr Bindlach Tel / Secretary: Ralf Meinzer Kirchfeldstr Dettenheim Tel / 3223 Breeding Warden: Bernd Beck Rendeler Str Karben Tel / 5992 Breeding Committee: Ralf Meinzer Kirchfeldstr Dettenheim Tel / 3223 Manfred Wiesner jun. Sonnenweg Suthfeld-Riehe Tel / 75094 The district chairmen: North district: Fritz Böhning Kloppenburg Stadthagen Tel / 76434 West district: Hubert Willhoff Uerdinger Str Meerbusch Tel / 3927 East district: Jan Schimmel Berbisdorfer Str Burkhardtsdorf Tel / 2145 Central district: Werner Friedrich Rembrücker Weg Obertshausen Tel / 44754 District South-West: Jörg Wunderlich Fabrikstr Owen / Teck Tel / 83440 District Bavaria: Otto Bretting Ostendstr Hohenwart Tel / 744 4

7 Annual report of the chairman Dear Modena friends, We can look back on some successful MCD events. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the breeding friends of the East District, first and foremost the chairman Jan Schimmel and the two show directors Sven Vogel and Frank Lehmann. The autumn conference in Berlstedt marked the beginning of our club year. Under the leadership of Roland Teubner, people and animals felt very comfortable. The main special show was excellently organized and it really felt like you were invited to a large Modena family. Thanks again to the two exhibition directors and their families. The editorial meeting on the website and the news, which was planned for the annual general meeting, has unfortunately not yet taken place. Nevertheless, I would like to thank Rudi Schatz, whose ideas and efforts will hopefully soon also be supported by others. But now I want to keep looking forward. This year, our main special show in the Bavarian district offers the unique opportunity to improve the fund of our main club. Our HSS will be carried out on our own in the premises of the Neudrossenfeld small animal breeders. All members are called upon to support the Modena Club by participating as exhibitors and helpers. With Friday as the day of assembly and delivery, the costs for the individual should be reduced and everyone should be given the opportunity to arrive a little earlier for delivery in order to be able to help with the assembly. On Sunday we will release the animals early enough to give those who have come from further afield the opportunity to help with the dismantling for another hour or two. I see the care of the animals on the days of the show, as well as the cash desk staff and the payment of prize money, as no problem by the board members and exhibitors present. My big thanks go to our little boy (Gustav Bauer jun.), Who made all of this possible. I would like to make a big request to my fellow special judges. We have not made any claims regarding the billing. However, I appeal to everyone to think of the main club's cash desk when settling the accounts! I wish all of us the hoped-for success for the 2010 show season, especially our cashier! In the interests of our Modena Reinhard Bretting, Chairman 5

8 Dates - Dates - Dates - Dates - Dates Dates of the large shows of the German Young Poultry Show Hanover in Hanover to the National Bundessiegerschau in Frankfurt (Main) to the German Pigeon Show in Erfurt to the dates of the MCD exhibitions: HSS MCD District Bavaria in Neudrossenfeld to District South-West in Steinenborn to district center in Obertshausen to district north with east in Aschersleben to district west in Oeding to summer conferences / young animal presentations: MCD in district Bavaria in Thurnau to district east in Vetschau to district south-west in Oedheim district center in Obertshausen district Bavaria in Reichertshofen district north in Rodenberg district west in Südlohn

9 Show report for the 37th main show of the MCD at and in Narsdorf With only 553 Modena, the registration result unfortunately fell short of expectations. The single-row structure and the good visibility offered ideal conditions for the straightening work. Thanks to Sven Vogel and his team for this successful event in all respects. Breeding warden Bernd Beck gave the guidelines in the judges' meeting. The same proportions between body height, body length and body width as well as a broad, straight stance with a horizontal posture and well laid back neck and strongly drawn tail were the main requirements. Gazzi As always, the Gazzi started, with 73 animals there is a slight upward trend. 8.9 blue with bronze bands. This color scheme has been seen more strongly in the past. Missing body proportions, sloping and narrow stance and the head points were the most common requests. We liked the 0.1 (sg 95E) from K. Ohlendorf and the 1.0 sg 95E from J. Stöckl. Much better the 9.10 blue-bronze hammered ones. Sometimes very strong pigeons with strong stands, good head points and posture. But here, too, it is important to pay more attention to the same body proportions. The top animal was provided by Paul Switalla with v97mb, hv for J. Wanka, N. Kupfer and P. Switalla. Immediately afterwards, three lined with bronze shields, which left a strong impression in terms of figure and posture. 2x HV for Switalla. This was followed by individual animals in dark bronze shields, brownish pale with bronze bands and khaki pale with sulfur bands, here the 1.0 sg95z by R. Lutz was the best. 2.3 red pale and 3.5 red pale hammered. Fine pigeons at the top, rounded on all sides with the same body proportions, straight stance and a great firm spring. Neck installation and head points gave cause for criticism. V97MB Rudolf Lutz for a great pigeon and hv for M.Holler (2x). 2.2 yellow-white and 3.2 yellow-white hammered. They couldn't quite keep up with the red-pale ones, especially in the roundness of the body and in the head points. Sg95 for K. Kretschmer (2x) and F. Ramdohr. 4.1 red and a single animal in yellow graduated from the Gazzi. In the red, something was created again, great for this color is the young cock by Bruno Hanske (hv96eb), for whom the edge of the eye did not allow the highest grade. Schietti 21.19 blue with bronze bands. The average quality of this color was clearly better, 9x g illustrate this. Head points, missing body proportions and the necessary roundness, stance and posture were the wishes and deficiencies. In the lead some very classy representatives, v97mb for the ZG Kraus, hv for R. Andres and J. Schimmel. 25.29 blue-bronze hammered. In terms of numbers, the most strongly represented color, on average also better than the cohesive ones. The shield color has clearly changed 7

10 improved, so the required three - color was largely available. Animals with missing body roundness, weak stance or posture could no longer achieve so-called. V97MB for ZG Kraus, hv for T. Hertle, N. Kupfer and R. Schatz (2x). 2.2 lined with blue bronze shields without peaks followed by 2.2 blue with white bands and 2.1 lined with light blue shields. Here the judge showed a lot of sensitivity, because one cannot and must not compare these colors with the blue ones. Certainly a lot of breeding work is still necessary to raise the quality of these rare representatives. HvE F. Werner. 1.1 blue steel with sulfur bandage, 2.8 blue steel-sulfur hammered. Here it also applies that the breeding status requires concessions in the assessment. They sometimes look very delicate in the heads and the stands could be stronger, but figuratively very nice rounded types. Hv96EB for Sven Vogel, hve for J. Schimmel. 4.5 dark bronze shield unlined, 5.3 dark bronze shield lined. A very balanced collection that was particularly impressive in terms of its position, head points and also in terms of color. V97MB and 2x hv for Manfred Wiesner. 0.4 brown pale with bronze bands, 4.7 brown pale hammered. These colors made a strong impression. Typically, rounded, strong pigeons with a strong stance and attitude. Class! V97MB for Jan Schimmel, hv to P. Andres and J. Schimmel. 2.5 khaki steel with sulfur bandage, 1.4 khaki steel with sulfur hammer. Here, too, you have to make slight concessions in the assessment, but all animals in the so-called area show that a very even collection was shown here. Hv to the ZG Bretting and to V. Schwarze. The 3.1 dominant red (without highlights) was followed by the premier class, if you look at the ratings of the last few years. 22.26 pigeons in red pale. Here, the highest demands must be made in all matters in the evaluation. At the top were pigeons, which impressed with their rounded bodies, broad stance and excellent head points. V97MB for Ewald Hoßbach, VEB and 2x hv to Jacob Jahraus and to V. Schwarz. 34.16 red pale hammered. The same applies here as with the cohesive ones, it is noticeable that the tip slowly becomes wider. V97MB for Ludwig Beckmann (t), V97EB Thomas Hertle, V97EP Paul Swittala, hv to J. Jahraus (4x), E. Hoßbach and U. Pohl. 11.19 yellowish yellow. This color scheme could not keep up with the red pale, sometimes very coarse types with missing body rounding and weak head points. However, the animals exposed were convincing in all respects. V97EB Frank Lehmann, hv to L. Beckmann (t), Jacob Jahraus and Axel Pfützner. 9.13 yellow-pale hammered. The hammered ones were on average much stronger than the cohesive ones. Typically in the heads, rounded on all sides with the same body proportions and straight and wide in the stance. V97MB and V97EB to old master Jacob Jahraus, hv to ZG Bretting. 20.16 black. One problem here is certainly the ubiquitous fashion bronze, but I prefer a black person with light deposits in bronze and plenty of paint than too fragrant or dull pigeons. What is noticeable about this color scheme is the often lack of stand width, which is also associated with the necessary body width, which makes the pigeons look long and narrow. The top animals showed all the advantages of the breed and earned v97mb to Günter Schuffert and hv to M. Pook, R. Teubner and G. Schuffert. 13.8 red. This color scheme has made a definite step forward, very balanced types in the top, and some 8

11 great guys, but they failed in body and beak color. V97MB Bruno Hanske, hv to R.Andres. 7.13 yellow. The yellow ones are a bit on the spot at the moment, weak stands and lack of height gave cause for criticism. Very nice the 0.1 young from H. Wilz with hv96eb. 2.4 white. There is still a lot of catching up to do here in terms of breeding status compared to Europe. Sg94Z for G. Schiller. 1.3 black tiger; 1.1 dark bronze tiger; 2.4 black spotted; 0.2 brown piebald; 2.4 dark bronze shield piebald. The piebalds and tigers were much better to see in terms of quantity and quality. The 1.0 black tiger from ZG Kraus (sg95e) and the 1.0 black tiger from G. Schuffert (sg95e) made the best impression. 8.14 blue-mold with bronze bands. The molds are enjoying increasing popularity, but they have the same problems as the blue-cohesive ones. The body proportions do not fit and therefore the necessary body roundness is missing. Hv96E for V. Schwarz. 6.4 red pale mold. Much better the red-pale mold, with a great stand, proportions and head points. The highlight (also my personal one) here is a 1.0 young from Thomas Hertle. Class cocks with all the merits of the breed and rightly rated v97mb, hv also to T. Hertle. Magnani 14,13 multicolored. I remember the multicolored Magnani better. Rough, angular types with no rounded body, narrow or sloping stance were the points of criticism. The winner here was Peter Anders with v97mb and 2x hv. For the breeding committee Manfred Wiesner 9

12 F. Böhning mentioned the district's contribution of 25.00 to the news. It was found that this was a compensation for an annual general meeting in Berlstedt minutes agenda 1. Welcome 2. Remembrance of the dead 3. Reading of the minutes from annual reports with debate 4.1 of the chairman 4.2 of the treasurer 4.3 of the breeding warden 4.4 of the district chairman 5. Report of the Auditors with a motion to discharge the board of directors 6. Budget planning 7. Dates Dates 2010 and further 9. Motions and miscellaneous Item 1, welcome 1st chairman R. Bretting welcomed the 29 members present at the AGM at 9:30 am He particularly welcomed the honorary chairman of the Modena Club G. Callies. In addition, the honorary chairman of the Bavarian district G. Bauer sen. The breeding friends F. Kraus, W. Brinkmann, A. Clobes, N. Hallen and J. Sommer were excused. R. Bretting thanked J. Schimmel and R. Teubner from the East District for taking over and organizing the summer conference in Berlstedt. The agenda was adopted without objection. Item 2, honoring the dead In memory of our deceased members Joachim Eifler District East and Ernst-Walter Lang District Middle, those present rose from their seats. Item 3, reading out the minutes from 2008 The minutes of the AGM 2008 in Obertshausen were not read out because the minutes are printed in the News 2009. Item 4.1, annual report of the chairman With regard to his report in the News 2009, 1. Chairman R. Bretting stated that the first changes were made on the Internet. Further requests and changes for our website should come from the members in order to keep the site alive. He is already making some of the changes to the website himself. Otherwise, the 1st Chairman had nothing to add to his report and put it up for discussion. 2. Chairman H. Krengel added on the subject of the website that the first steps have been taken towards a better website and that the board of directors and its members are now obliged to continue improving the website. R. Schatz thought the Chairman's report in the News was too short. It does not contain any statements about the future, plans or goals of the MCD. He explained that we are all challenged to support the board of directors in matters of the Internet in order to be up to date on the Internet. There was also a debate on the subject of Modena ribbons. Wouldn't it be possible to get the tapes cheaper from another manufacturer? Bretting explained that at a lower price and above all with the same quality of the tapes, the manufacturer can be changed at any time. You should bring samples with you so that you can compare the quality. Item 4.2, annual report of the cashier According to our cashier Reinhard Schindler, the cash balance has increased due to the saving of the 2008 tapes (because the European show in France) and the premium increase. G. Bauer sen. As every year donated 50.00 for the cash desk of the main association. 10

13 saved postage and expenses through the publication in the news of the districts.The districts' contribution must also be made if the districts do not publish any invitations or exhibition papers in the news. See resolution at the annual general meeting in Reichertshofen. Item 4.3, annual report of the breed warden At the beginning of his report, breed warden B. Beck once again thanked the members for being elected breed warden. In his still short term in office, he was not able to achieve so much. He thanked R. Meinzer, M. Wiesner jun., R. Bretting and G. Bauer jun. for the good report on the European show in Illkirch / Graffenstaden, which is now also published on the Internet. The special judges Sommer and Rose are registered for the special show in Leipzig connected to the VDT show. He reported Rose and Böhning for Dortmund. He presented the new European model image that he recently received from J. Grauss. He immediately forwarded it to Reiner Wolf from the Federal Breeding Committee. Because of the European standard, a conference is taking place in Austria today in which R. Wolf is participating. The text has been revised, translated into German and incorporated into the German standard. Beck sees his task in the coming years in adapting our animals to this type. Finally, he asked the members to exhibit in large numbers at the main show and the special shows. Item 4.4, annual reports by the district chairwoman F. Böhning, district north, had nothing to add to his report in the news. H. Willhoff, West District, said that the first summer conference will be held with the Dutch this year. W. Friedrich, Mitte district, reported difficulties with the exhibition space in Oberthausen for the European show. The show may take place in Offenbach. The date is expected to change to the 19th and O. Bretting, Bavaria district, invited the members to the autumn meeting with young animal discussion in Reichertshofen. The 2010 summer conference will take place in the Bavarian district on the 25th and in the exhibition hall of the Thurnau poultry breeding association (95349 Thurnau, Kulmbach district). J. Schimmel from the Ost district had nothing to add to the report in the news. R. Meinzer, South-West district, invited the members to the young animal show on in Großbottwar. A new chairman is to be elected there. The European standard is also discussed. Item 5, audit report and discharge L. Beckmann and V. Schwarze checked the fund. The cashier Reinhard Schindler was confirmed that the cash management was flawless. The discharge was unanimous. Item 6, budget planning Treasurer Reinhard Schindler gave a brief overview of the expected income and expenses for 2010 with a balanced budget. The 130.00 Ring-Z of the VDT will also be awarded at the main special show in Narsdorf 2009. TOP 7, Dates 2009 The exhibition manager of the main show on the 7th and in Narsdorf, Sven Vogel, explained that it is important for the exhibitors 11

14 to take care of the required company number. Animals cannot be accepted without this company number. TOP 8, dates 2010 and others The main special show 2010 will be organized by the district of Bavaria with the help of members of other districts on the 6th and in the exhibition hall of the poultry and rabbit breeding association Neudrossenfeld e.v. (95512 Neudrossenfeld, Kulmbach district). Posting is on Friday. In order to save costs for the exhibitors and the show itself, the show is set up on Friday morning by the exhibitors themselves. Evaluation is on Saturday morning. The catalog should be available by Sunday at the latest. After the animals have been released on Sunday, the cages will be dismantled again by the exhibitors. A fixed amount for rent, ancillary costs, feed, etc. was agreed with the GuKZV Neudrossenfeld. The goal of this main show is to make money for the club. So the statements of the 1st secretary of the MCD and 2nd chairman of the GuKZV Neudrossenfeld G. Bauer jun. as well as the 1st chairman of the MCD R. Bretting. As W. Friedrich from the Mitte district already reported, the preparations for the European show TOP 9, motions and miscellaneous things were in progress. There was a longer discussion about the motion and the letter from Rainer Schmidt, Nord Bezirk In his application to the MCD, which was late with the 1st Chairman Bretting, he asked the MCD to discontinue the VDT booklet, which costs the VDT .00 annually. In another letter, R. Schmidt wrote of 6,500.00 from the BDRG to the VDT, which the VDT would not have forwarded to the special associations. It would have to be clarified whether there was a criminal offense for embezzlement. The MCD should investigate this matter and ask the VDT to transfer this 6,500.00 to the special associations. Resolution: It was decided that the MCD would not submit any further application to the VDT to abolish the VDT booklet. We will not, as requested, officially investigate the matter with the 6,500.00 on the part of the MCD. Mr. R. Schmidt should be informed in writing by the 1st chairman R. Bretting that his application was made too late and that he cannot submit it again for the AGM 2010! Another discussion about the Modena News was through the objection of R. Schatz. The news should be made more informative through reports on shows, the standard, reports from members, information about Modena, etc. So you could z. B. Compare the American and European types in the news. R. Schatz also suggested that an editorial team be formed from various members for the news. The comparison of the European with the American type was recorded as a hook for the News 2010. Breeding warden B. Beck agreed to make such a comparison. The new European sample image is to be shown as a stand at large shows. F. Droste suggested introducing a color of the year for the main show. The Zfr. R. Schatz, M. Wiesener jun., R. Meinzer, B. Beck, R. Bretting and W. Friedrich included. A corresponding meeting is to take place in April / May 2010. At 11:30 am, the 1st chairman, Reinhard Bretting, thanked the organizers for the wonderful weekend, the people present for their appearance and wished everyone a good appetite for lunch and a safe way home. Gustav Bauer jun. 1. Secretary 12

15 Annual Report of the East District With the organization of the summer conference and main special show of the Modena Club Germany, an eventful and busy year lies behind our district. Therefore I would like to especially thank the organizers and all helpers of the two highlights of the past breeding and exhibition year. My special thanks also go to the wives and family members who actively helped to master these events. Of course, we would have liked to have seen even better participation in these very successful events. Looking back on a breeding year has never been so difficult for me as this year. After our breeding friend Joachim Eifler passed away after a serious illness in April, we lost our breeding friend Ludwig Beckmann in a tragic traffic accident on the HSS exhibition Sunday. With this, our district lost two very committed breeders last year, who will leave a gap in our ranks that is difficult to close. We will always remember Joachim and Ludwig as passionate breeders and good friends. On we met in the restaurant Heiterer Blick in Schladebach for the spring conference. Zfr. Schimmel welcomed 17 breeding friends. Unfortunately Zfr. Stalk emerged from our district. Zfr. Beckmann read the minutes of the annual general meeting of our district in Oberlungwitz as well as the minutes of the YHV of the MCD in Obertshausen. Then Zfr. Mold out the breeding and exhibition year 2008 and informed those present about the status of the district treasury. Subsequently, the preparations for the summer conference of the MCD in Berlstedt and for the HSS of the MCD in the multi-purpose hall in Narsdorf were reported. The following was decided for further scheduling: Summer conference 2010 and 2011 in Oberlungwitz Gasthaus Zum Vierseitenhof, BSS 2010 together with the North District on the 11th and in Aschersleben and BSS 2011 on the 3rd Advent weekend in Gera. Explanations in front of the cages 13

16 The summer conference with young animal discussion and annual general meeting of the MCD was held by Zfr. Roland Teubner with the Thuringian breeding friends on the 19th and in Berlstedt. People and animals were well accommodated in the Kulturhaus Gasthaus Zur Linde in Berlstedt. Thanks again to Zfr. Teubner for the very good preparation and implementation of the conference. 125 pigeons (23 Gazzi and 102 Schietti, unfortunately no Magnani) from 23 breeders (12 of them from our district) were registered for the young animal presentation. The number of registrations was in line with the trend in recent years. However, we would have liked an even better participation. The connected animal exchange was very popular. A judges' meeting took place prior to the evaluation of the young animals brought along. In this, with regard to the new pattern description, particular attention was given to the same proportions between body width, body height and body length. The highlighted top animals came quite close to the ideal. Five animals were rated hv and awarded a Modena ribbon. They were presented by breeding friends Johann Wanka (Gazzi blue-bronze hammered), Franz Terhart (Schietti blue-bronze hammered, Rudi Schatz (Schietti blue-bronze hammered) and Ludwig Beckmann (Schietti red-white hammered and yellow-white hammered). A brief meeting took place during the evaluation of our district members to prepare the HSS in Narsdorf. In addition, the Zfr. Peter Linke and Friedhelm Loth were honored on the occasion of their 70th birthday. On Saturday evening an atmospheric, successful breeders evening took place. It was sometimes very funny. Roland Teubner's dance performance is sure to be remembered for a long time. But there was also a lot of shop-floor talk and discussion. The many intensive conversations have certainly helped to clear up some misunderstandings. So the waves for the next day's annual general meeting were largely smoothed out in advance

17 At the AGM on Sunday, Zfr. Reinhard Bretting unfortunately only 29 members. The first chairman, the first cashier and the breed warden gave their annual reports. The design of the Modena news and the website were discussed in detail. The news should be enhanced by reports on shows, the standard, reports from members, information about Modena, etc. It was decided that as many districts as possible should contribute to the design of the MCD website and the Modena News in order to make it more interesting and informative. Ideas and suggestions are in demand! There was a brief discussion about the cost of the Modena ribbons. Zfr. Schindler was able to report an increased cash balance. The Zfr. L. Beckmann and V. Schwarze had checked the cash register. Zfr. Schindler was confirmed that the cash management was flawless. The discharge of the treasurer and the board of directors was unanimous. A balanced budget is planned for 2010. Zfr. B. Beck presented the new European model image. The standard text has been revised and translated into German. It is to be adopted in the German standard. Zfr. S. Vogel reported on the preparations for the HSS 2009 in Narsdorf. The summer conference with YHV of the MCD as well as the HSS 2010 are organized by the district of Bavaria. Zfr. F. Droste suggested introducing a color of the year for the HSS. At 11:30 am, the 1st chairman thanked the organizers for the wonderful weekend, the people present for their appearance and wished everyone a safe way home. Fortunately, a large number of the district members present took part in the dismantling of the cages. The highlight of the past breeding year was certainly the implementation of the 37th HSS of the MCD from the 7th to in Narsdorf. This was well organized by our Modena friend Sven Vogel and his team. Already on Tuesday the cage was set up in the multi-purpose hall with the active help of the Bad Lausick breeding friends. The light-flooded, well-air-conditioned exhibition hall, with a single-row structure and tasteful decoration, offered the best conditions for people and animals. Unfortunately, the registration result of 553 animals (only 1 cage remained empty) was far below our expectations. The animals came from 45 exhibitors. It is a shame that some districts did not participate in our HSS and thus stayed away from the high point of the breeding year for us fashion breeders. However, the good participation of the members of our district in the HSS was very gratifying. After all, 20 exhibitors showed 236 animals. When the pigeons were put in on Thursday, there was already a lot of discussion in the cages. The focus of the discussions was on the Modenas already in use and the abundantly stocked animal exchange, but also on the difficult journey due to the many construction sites and diversions. On Friday the 73 Gazzi, 451 Schietti and 28 Magnani were judged by the judges B. Beck, R. Bretting, J. 15

18 Grauss, F. Kraus, K. Kretschmer, H. Kühn, J. Lange and J. Sommer, with breeding warden B. Beck acting as chairman with a reduced straightening order. The following animals were shown to be champions: Gazzi: 1.0 y blue-bronze hammered by Paul Switalla (district Bavaria) 0.1 y red-pale hammered by Rudolf Lutz (district Bavaria) Schietti: 0.1 a yellow-pale hammered by Jakob Jahraus (district east) 0.1 j black by Günter Schuffert (district center) 1.0 j red by Bruno Hanske (district north) 1.0 j red-pale gray by Thomas Hertle (district Bavaria) Magnani: 0 , 1 a multi-colored by Peter Anders (Bez. Ost) 17 times the top grade was excellent and 42 times excellent. The breeders in our district achieved the grade v 7 times and hv 22 times. Excellent! The most successful breeder was once again Zfr. Jakob Jahraus with 3 times excellent (1.0 a Schietti red pale, 1.1 a Schietti yellow pale hammered) and 7 times outstanding. He also became district champion. Fortunately, however, the high marks were distributed across a number of breeds. Zfr. Peter Anders was happy about the grade v to 0.1 a Magnani multicolored and 2x hv. Zfr. Ludwig Beckmann achieved v to 1.0 y Schietti red-pale hammered and 1 x hv, Zfr. Frank Lehmann v to 0.1 a Schietti yellow-white and Zfr. Schimmel v to 1.0 a Schietti brown-pale bronze hammered as well as 3 x hv. The breeding friends Roland Andres (3), Axel Pfützner, Uwe Pohl, Volkmar Schwarze (3) and Sven Vogel showed other hv animals. The evaluation of the district champion title (based on the 6 best animals of an exhibitor, but at least 3 young animals) yielded the following results: 1. Jakob Jahraus (577 points) 2. Jan Schimmel (574 points) 3. Ludwig Beckmann (573 points 16

19 Successful breeders The well-organized breeders' evening at the Gasthof Bubendorf was very successful, with honoring the successful breeders and an excellent dinner. Dance performances by a young dance group rounded off a main special show that up until then had run very harmoniously. Sunday morning passed in anticipation of the animals being handed out, as many still had several kilometers ahead of them. I would like to Zfr. To quote R. Schatz from his show report published on the Internet: It was a successful, well-organized fashion festival among good friends! Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the success! At the 58th VDT show in Leipzig in December 2009 there was a larger collection of a total of 262 Modenas. These came from 31 exhibitors. 16 Gazzi, 245 Schietti and 1 Magnani were shown. 12 breeding friends from our district with 114 animals and very good results took part in this exhibition. Zfr. R. Andres was able to achieve v 97 BLP with a 0.1 year old Schietti blue with bronze bandages. Zfr. J. Jahraus achieved v 97 LVEPL on 1.0 a Schietti red pale and hv 96 E on 0.1 a Schietti red pale. Zfr. J. Schimmel got v 97 EB on 1.0 y Schietti yellow-white and 5 times hv. Zfr. V. Schwarze was very successful with v 97 EB on 1.0 a Schietti blue horse with bronze bandages and also 5 times hv. Zfr. P. Rödiger was happy about 3 times HV. Breeding friends F. Lehmann and K. Ohlendorf received further excellent ratings. German champions in 2009 were the breeding friends V. Schwarze on Schietti blue with bronze bandages and J. Schimmel on Schietti blue with bronze bandages. Only one week later, the 91st National Breed Poultry Show (Bundessiegerschau) took place in Dortmund. There were only 80 Modena (8 Gazzi, 72 Schietti and no Magnani) from 8 breeders. Unfortunately, our district was not represented, which, however, was not surprising due to the good participation in Leipzig. Deviating from the original plan, this year's summer conference with annual general meeting and young animal meeting will take place on September 4th and 5th, 2010 in Vetschau. We ask for a good participation, as the new election of the board is pending. Our 19th special district show will take place together with the North District from the 11th to Aschersleben. All Modena friends are cordially invited to our events. Jan Schimmel 1st Chairman 17

20 Annual Report of the Mitte District Dear Modena friends, The year 2009 was a trend-setting year for the Mitte district with the implementation of the district show, after ten years in Dietzenbach, now again to organize itself and to make the decision to hold the European Show 2011 in our district . At the district show in Obertshausen, 305 Modena were exhibited and thus the goal of 300 Modena I had set was achieved. The assembly and dismantling by the members of the club, but also the help of the breeding friends from Obertshausen, went smoothly. It was the right decision to run the BSS on our own again.However, we must all continue to strive to welcome new fashion breeders to our club, to always put our beautiful breed in the foreground and to cultivate the sociability and friendship in our club. On January 2010 in Obertshausen, 305 Modena from 19 breeders were shown. The judges Jacky Grauss, Albert Clobes and Josef Sommer gave 11 times the grade excellent to the following Modena: Gazzi red pale 0.1 old M. Schmitt, Gazzi black 1.0 young, mb H. Seitz. At the Schietti, P. Simon blau m. Br. Bindings 0.1 young, Bernd Beck 3 times on blue br., MB 1.0 old, red pale 1.0 old, red pale, MB 1.0 old, Lothar Reppert, dark br. Sign 0.1 old, E. Hoßbach red pale 0.1 old, G. Schuffert black 0.1 young, H. Wilz yellow MB, 0.1 young and on Magnani multicolored Dr. Ulf Schneider 1.0 young. Furthermore, the grade excellent was awarded 30 times. The cup for the best Gazzi 1.1 won on black H. Seitz, the challenge cup for the best 1.1 of the show on schietti yellow H. Wilz, the cup for the 10 best Modena of the show went to B. Beck with 3 times V and 7 times HV. The district's 3 performance prizes were awarded to Gazzi Schwarz H. Seitz with 477 P., Schietti Schwarz G. Schuffert with 479 P. and Schietti red pale hammered B. Beck with 478 P. Despite the difficult weather conditions, Chairman Werner Friedrich was able to welcome many visitors among others also Mayor Bernd Roth and the district councilor Carsten Müller, who both delivered greetings to the exhibitors. At the award ceremony, the chairman honored several breeders for many years of loyalty to the Modena Club. It was a successful show, with lots of Modena, in beautiful surroundings and stimulating discussions with breeders. The next BSS will take place again in Obertshausen. The summer conference took place on the breeding grounds and in the clubhouse in Obertshausen according to the tried and tested model. The event was carried out by the club members and me in the usual way. I was able to welcome 28 members and 6 breeder women, including the honorary members Alfons Finkernagel and Josef Sommer. Also this year were 18

21 19

22 Discussion of the young animals by breeding warden H. Rose with our Modena friends at the young animal show Awarding of the 1st chairman W. Friedrich to breeding friend Kurt Bodensohn at the young animal show in Obertshausen 20

23 showed a total of 77 Modena, 20 Gazzi, 45 Schietti and 12 Magnani, which were evaluated by the breeders in the tried and tested way. The following animal briefing was carried out by the breed warden Bernd Beck and Josef Sommer. Each Modena was discussed and judged based on the breeding status. The 7 group winners were then presented with Modena badges. A short meeting was also held, with the topics, main summer conference and main special show in the East District, the BSS in Obertshausen on its own and the European show. When the weather was nice, the summer conference ended with a cozy get-together and the board thanked the organized association for the Good hospitality and from the breeder women for their participation and the cake donation. The main summer conference with YHV of the main association took place in Berlstedt with the breeding friends in the East District. It was carried out in an excellent way and we from the district participated with almost the entire board, but unfortunately only 2 breeders in our district showed their young Modena. 8 breeders from Mitte visited the HSS in Narsdorf (East District) and Günter Schuffert managed to achieve a champion on schietti black 0.1 young with V97 MB. Another Modena band went to E. Horsbach on schietti red pale 0.1 old with V97. It was a nice show with a sociable breeders' evening at the Modena friends in the east. The annual general meeting took place on April 5th, 2009 in Ronneburg-Hüttengesäß at our breeding friend Erdt. In the regular elections, the first chairman Werner Friedrich and the first secretary Peter Simon were confirmed in their offices. The number of members in the district is currently 65 members and 1 young person and remains constant with 3 entries and 3 exits in the club. This year 4 board meetings, the AGM and a meeting at the summer meeting were held. I would like to thank my board members for their good work. Thanks also go to the special judges in our district for their not always easy office. I wish you all a lot of beautiful young Modena and remain with breeder greetings Werner Friedrich Chairman 21

24 22

25 23

26 24

27 Annual Report of the District of Bavaria Our young animal meeting in autumn 2009 took place again in Reichertshofen with an impressive number of animals. Thank you very much to the hospitality staff of the club. The appointment on Saturday has now worked well. With our district special show 2009 we took part in the 5th Bavarian chicken pigeon show in Straßkirchen. Our animals were well housed so far. Unfortunately there were only 276 animals in the cages; including 46 Gazzi. The judges awarded the grade V 12 times. A good percentage that also indicates the good quality of the animals on display. Overall, a grade point average of 93.5 points was achieved. Unfortunately only one exhibitor at the Magnani again. The annual general meeting took place several times with our breeding friend Adolf Muggenthaler in Tegernheim. Since there were no changes in the club, the awarding of the fashion prizes was in the foreground. The Gazzi champions were Rudi Lutz (0.1 young red pale hammered) and Paul Switalla (1.0 old bronze hammered). With the Schietti this was Thomas Hertle (1.0 old blue bronze hammered) and Helmut Kinateder (0.1 red pale hammered) With the Magnani Joachim Rödel received a championship. Breeding friends Hertle, Switalla, Kraus, Kupfer, Lutz and Bretting received fashion ribbons. Nikolaus Kupfer received the Fahrmeier victory shield and the Rexauer challenge cup Josef Stöckl. Breeding friends Georg Schiller and Stefan Finzel received the silver fashion pin. Johann Eschbaumer received gold for 20 years. Unfortunately, two breeding friends left us again through death. These are Alfred Riedel from Schönwald bei Selb and Franz Zollhauser from Ainring. A quiet breeding year with satisfied Modena friends. We would like the same for the HSS in Neudrossenfeld to which we invite all fashion breeders with attachments to Bavaria. Otto Bretting, 1st chairman of the hotels for the main special show 2010 in Neudrossenfeld Address Contact Rooms Prices Distance Gasthof Opel (particularly recommended) 7.5 km Tel .: 0921 / single room 42.00 Bayreuther Str. 1 double room 60, Heinersreuth triple room 85.00 inn Förster (particularly recommended) 8 km Tel .: / single room 25.00 Leuchau 6 Fax: / double room 40, Kulmbach Landgasthof Friedrich (particularly recommended) 8 km Tel .: / single room from 31.00 Kulmbacher Str. 2 double rooms from 45 , Trebgast Family Dörfler Tel .: / single room 25.00 Obere Sommerleite 2 double rooms 40, Neudrossenfeld 500 m 25

28 Zapf Annemarie Tel .: / single room 18.00 Obere Sommerleite 4 double rooms 30, Neudrossenfeld Cafe Mühle Michael Rothenbücher Tel .: / single rooms from 48.00 Bergmühlgasse 2 Fax: / double rooms from 78, Neudrossenfeld m 1.5 km Hotel Schnupp Tel. : /, 5 km Fax: / single rooms 45.00 Altdrossenfeld 8 double rooms from 65, Neudrossenfeld apartments from 85.00 Gasthof Werner Tel .: / 2 72 single rooms 30.00 Muckenreuth 11 double rooms 50, Neudrossenfeld Dorfwirtshaus Waldau Family Fuchs Tel .: / 3 18 single rooms 20.00 Waldau double rooms 40, Neudrossenfeld Gasthof Kolb Tel .: / single rooms 20.00 Lindau 24 double rooms 35, Trebgast Gasthof Vogel Tel .: / 2 00 single rooms 28.00 Alte Dorfstr. 5 double rooms 50, Heinersreuth triple rooms 70.00 Pension Eisenschink Tel .: / single rooms 38.00 Kulmbacher Str. 7 double rooms 48, Trebgast Hotel-Restaurant Opel Tel .: / km fax: / single rooms from 40.00 Lindig 2 double rooms from 60, Himmelkron Fichtelgebirgshof Tel .: / km Fax: / Single room from 45.00 Frankenring 1 Double room from 65.00, Himmelkron Deluxe room from 95.00 Landhotel Röhrleinshof 12 km Tel .: / Single room 50.00 Eichholz 6 Fax: / Double room 85, Trebgast Hotel Christl Tel .: / km Fax: / Single room 43.00 Bayreuther Str. 7 Double room 69, Kulmbach Apartments from 72.00 Best Western Transmar Travel Hotel Tel .: / Single room 65.00 Bühlstr. 12 double rooms 80, Bindlach 2 km 4 km 7 km 7 km 8 km 12.5 km 26

29 Exhibition regulations Organizer is the Modena Club Germany, District of Bavaria Exhibition management: Gustav Bauer jun., Telephone /, Exhibition hall GuKZV Neudrossenfeld, Telephone / The AAB of the BDRG and the following special provisions are decisive: The expected veterinary regulations of the show are: It may only Pigeons are admitted, a) from flocks of origin in which there are no diseases that can be transmitted to poultry or in which there is no suspicion of an outbreak of such diseases, b) from places of origin in which avian cholera, avian influenza or Newcastle disease has not been officially detected, c ) from herds of origin that are not located in a restricted area created due to avian influenza or Newcastle disease. It is determined that all exhibiting breeders have their animals vaccinated against paramyxovirus in good time. A vaccination certificate must be presented on delivery. Animals without a vaccination certificate will not be accepted. 2. Registration closes on Monday, October 11th. Registrations must be sent in clear writing to Wolfgang Schindler, Friedrichstr. 26, Bayreuth, Tel. 0921 /. 4. With the receipt of the registration, the demurrage is considered owed. The stand fee of 8.00 or 3.00 for the fashion exchange per animal, as well as the mandatory catalog of 5.00 and the cost contribution of 5.00 per exhibitor. The only possible payment method is direct debit! If there is no bank account, we will consider the registration not to have been submitted. The registration form is deemed to have been received when the debit has been made. The prize money and the proceeds from the sale of animals will be transferred to your specified account. 5. W I C H T I G! Set-up, delivery and dismantling On Friday, November 5th, 2010 from 9:00 am, the cages will be set up by the exhibitors. Then the animals can be used. The help (assembly, dismantling, feeding, animal sales, entrance box, etc.) of each individual exhibitor or member during the show is important and necessary. BECAUSE, the proceeds from the show will also go to the main club's cash desk. Please DON'T FORGET help dismantling on the Sunday after the launch!

30 running No. MODENA main special show 5th to 7th November 2010 Neudrossenfeld registration no. Name: Mr. Wolfgang Schindler Friedrichstrasse Bayreuth Street: New registration form with AL address ZIP / City: left and breeder's address right from Telephone: Gustav Bauer jun. Local club:, 0 yrs. 1.0 old 0.1 jg. 0.1 old Modena Gazzi, Schietti, Magnani Please enter color scheme sales price

31 I agree to debit the issuing fee from my account below. Account number: .. BLZ: ​​Bank :. Account holder: ... Signature: .. Please note: Registration deadline: Monday Setup / delivery: Friday Demurrage for ... animals a 8.00 ... Fashion exchange: Demurrage for ... animals a 3.00 ... contribution to costs and catalog 10.00 ... Honorary Prize Foundation ... for ... sum ...

32 6. Awarding of prizes The following prizes are awarded for 100 numbers: 10 E a 8.00 20 Z a 4.00 As well as the prizes donated by breeders and the Modena Club. The evaluation list, not the evaluation certificate, is decisive for the award of the prize! 7. Sale of animals, on Saturday 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Sales are to be handled by the exhibition management. The sales price must be stated in the registration form and in the ring card. Animals that are not for sale are to be labeled uvk in the sales price column. 15% of the sales price is retained as a placement fee. Buybacks can be made in writing up to delivery. whereby the agency fee must be reimbursed. Otherwise, a buyback is only possible in the order of the general sale from the clock. 9. Compensation The exhibition management rejects any compensation for animals and shipping containers that are lost due to force majeure or unforeseen events. If animals or shipping containers are lost due to the fault of AL, an amount of 30.00 will be reimbursed, however no more than the possibly specified sales price. 10. Complaints are to be submitted to the exhibition manager Gustav Bauer jun. to be submitted in writing. In all disputes, both parties submit to the arbitration award of the Association of Bavarian Poultry Breeders. Ordinary legal recourse is final. 11. Should the show not be able to take place due to force majeure, official prohibitions, etc., the paid-in money will be refunded after deduction of 25% as a contribution to costs. Opening times: Saturday, November 6th: 12:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Saturday, November 6th: 30:00 p.m. Breeder's evening with awards Sunday, November 7th: 12:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The exhibition management

33 The district of BAVARIA invites you to the summer conference with young animals meeting of the Modena Club Germany from September 24th to 26th 2010 in Thurnau in the Dieter-Ganzleben-Halle at the old sawmill 7 Small animal breeding association Thurnau, Tel .: 0151 / The exhibition hall in Thurnau is over the A70 Bayreuth / Bamberg exit Thurnau Ost (23) and is just a few 100 meters from the exit as the crow flies. It is 2 km by car, due to the layout of the road. Scheduled course of the summer conference Friday,: 00 a.m. Board meeting of the main board in the Hotel-Restaurant Opel in Himmelkron, Lindig 2 Saturday,: 00 a.m. to 12 p.m. Insertion of the animals 12:00 p.m. Lunch 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Evaluation of the animals and judges 'meeting From 1:00 p.m. Alternative program: Bayreuth, Kulmbach, Thurnau Pottery Museum From 4:00 p.m. Animal meeting 7:30 p.m. Breeders' evening in the Hotel-Restaurant Opel in Himmelkron, Lindig 2 Sunday, 30:00 p.m. Annual general meeting in the guest room of the exhibition hall in Thurnau 12: Midnight lunch After the annual general meeting, handing out the animals. All interested members, not just the board, are invited to come to the summer meeting on Friday, according to our honorary chairman Günther Callies. Kind regards, the board of the district BAYERN 31

34 List of hotels for the 2010 summer conference in Thurnau Hotel - Restaurant Opel Himmelkron, Lindig 2 This is where the board meeting and the breeders' evening take place. Tel .: / Fax: / Single from 40.00 Double from 60.00 Fichtelgebirgshof Himmelkron, Frankenring 1 Tel .: / Fax: / Single from 42.00 Double from 64.00 Gasthof Hartmann Himmelkron, Hauptstr. 24 Tel .: / Fax: / 2 81 Single 30.00 Double 45.00 Motel Galeriehotel Himmelkron, Bayreuther Str, 3 Tel .: / Fax: / Single 49.00 Double 59.00 The hotels in Himmelkron are about 15 minutes' drive (20 km autobahn) from Thurnau. All hotels can be reached from Thurnau via the A70 Bayreuth / Bamberg in the direction of Berlin to the A9 Munich / Berlin exit Bad Berneck (39). Best Western Transmar Travel Hotel Bindlach, Bühlstr. 12 Tel .: / Fax: / Single 65.00 Double 80.00 The Transmar Travel Hotel in Bindlach is about 15 minutes' drive (20 km on the motorway) from Thurnau. The hotel can be reached from Thurnau via the A70 Bayreuth / Bamberg in the direction of Munich to the A9 Munich / Berlin exit Bayreuth Nord (41). Distance to Bindlach Himmelkron approx. 15 km (A9). 32

35 MODENA summer conference in the district of BAVARIA September 24th to 26th, 2010 in Thurnau Name: Mr. Gustav Bauer jun. Steigstr Bindlach Street: ZIP / City: Telephone: I hereby register the following young pigeons for the young animal meeting: Lfd. No. 1.0 0, Gazzi, Schietti or Magnani Farbenschlag The demurrage of 3.00 per pigeon is to be paid on delivery! Registration for the sales exchange pigeons, 3.00 per cage (max. 2 pigeons) On the breeder's evening on Saturday I will probably take part with ... people. Registration deadline: September 10, 2010 Exhibition manager: Gustav Bauer jun., Steigstr. 20, Bindlach, Tel. 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 0921 /, Tel. From 6:00 p.m. / Date: Signature: 33

36 Invitation to the autumn assembly with young animal discussion of the district 1st chairman Otto Bretting Ostendstr Hohenwart Tel .: / 744 or: / Dear Modena friends, the board would like you to the autumn assembly taking place on SUNDAY, September 19, 2010 in Reichertshofen in the club hall of the GZV cordially invite with young animal meeting. The animal registration with the adjoining form must reach me by Friday September 10th at the latest. The demurrage per animal is 2.50 and is to be paid upon posting. Our Modenas are the focus of the event! In order to be able to make the event as informative as possible, we ask you to bring along animals that you have questions about !!! In the hope of active participation, we remain with kind breeder greetings. Your board of directors 34

37 Registration for the young animal meeting 2010 Name: First name: Street: ZIP / City: Tel .: I hereby report the following young pigeons (please specify 1.0 or 0.1): Serial no !! 35

38 Annual Report of the North District Dear Modena friends, 2009 was another successful year for our North District. It pays off if you as a board member take care of yourself and don't leave everything to chance, even if you as a board member show that you take the task entrusted to you seriously and that you are committed to it. Seen in this light, our board of directors worked very effectively and with great dedication, for which I would like to thank all my colleagues on the board. Our board meeting took place again with our current 2nd secretary Manfred Wiesner, jun. in Suthfeld / Riehe. Our annual general meeting and the further activities of the district have been planned for 2009. We met for the annual general meeting on March 29th in Vornhagen. A lively animal exchange took place even before the meeting.I was able to welcome 24 breeding friends. After the breeding awards were handed over, the annual reports followed. The allocation mode of the W. Meier-Ged.-Volume was changed as follows: 10 Modena, all recognized colors, young and old of an exhibitor are rated. The board elections resulted in some changes, the first chairman and the second cashier were re-elected. Rudi Schatz was elected as an assessor as moderator for our website. Surprisingly, the breed warden M. Wiesner, jun. his office for health and after the assessment of the pigeons all breeders could still laugh. 36

39 professional reasons available, which was generally regretted. Jürgen Lange was unanimously elected as the new breed warden. Manfred Wiesner jun. happily made himself available as the second secretary and received the unanimous trust of the breeding friends present. Our website is very well received by many breeders not only from Germany but also from other European countries. The board is very pleased about this. On we already had over hits. Only the forum and the guest book are still lacking; but don't worry, Rudi Schatz or our webmaster Herbert Wicke will help everyone who has problems using it! The meeting instructed the board of directors to find out about the implementation of the resolutions of the annual general meeting of the MCD regarding the MCD website. Because there is always a reason not to do something. M. Wiesner and I took part in the board meeting of the MCD on Whit Monday in Obertshausen. In future, the board meetings will take place on the Friday evening before the summer meeting. Our young animal presentation took place again in Rodenberg on September 13th. 25 breeding friends presented their 70 young animals. The plaques were won by F. Sahlenbeck, K. Walthemate, B. Hanske and R. Heitmann. At the summer conference of the MCD 19./20. September in Berlstedt, District East, 7 breeding friends from the north took part. 123 Modena were registered. Group picture of the north in Narsdorf with Jacky Grauss and Peter Anders. 37

40 Rudi Schatz held up the district flag and achieved 0.1 blue bronze. hv 96 Modena band. The annual general meeting took place on Sunday morning. The website of the MCD should get more information and topicality. An elected team should deal with it. Let's hope the best. The Bundesschauen started once again in Hanover. 38 Modenas were not the most, but an enormous increase compared to the coveted Blue Ribbon this time was won by R. Heitmann, further hv grades went to the exhibitors R. Schatz 2 x, R. Kirchhoff 2 x and W. Hansing. In 2010 we will endeavor to have another special show in Hanover, so let's go to Hanover. 7 breeding friends from the north took part in the HSS of the MCD in Narsdorf and exhibited approx. 90 Modena. B. Hanske won 1 x V Champion and 2 x hv, M. Wiesner, sen. 1 x V and 2 x hv, R. Schatz 2 x hv and M. Pook 1 x hv. Zfrde J. Lange, F. Ramdohr and A. Haupt also successfully exhibited. At the EE European show in Slovakia, Zfrd R. Heitmann won the title of European champion with Modena Schietti black and as a coronation a 0.1 black was still European champion. This is also not achieved every day. Our 35th BSS took place on 28/29. November in Ahrensburg-Hoisdorf. 367 Modena, 90 of them from Denmark, were a great result. The 5 PR awarded 5 x the grade V and 28 x the grade hv. The Modena ligaments were won by E. Houpst, R. Schatz twice, R. Heitmann and F. Werner. The Hoisdorfer ribbons went to H. Stuhlmacher and R. Heitmann. The VDT show in Leipzig was the next highlight. 264 Modena, including 46 by district members. M. Wiesner, sen and R. Heitmann were once again German champions. Furthermore, F. Werner, W. Hansing and M. Pook exhibited successfully. The National Siegerschau in Dortmund was the end of the national shows. 80 Modena, divided into 8 Gazzi and 72 Schietti, were presented. The Zfrde F. Sahlenbeck and W. Hansing were successful here. Congratulations to all successful exhibitors. For the not-so-successful exhibitor, it's time for a new one in the next exhibition season! We currently have 75 members, including one young breeder (as of Jan. 1, 2010). Our Zfrd Horst Koch from Osterholz-Scharmbeck died. The breeding friends Hartmut Rose, Friedrich Sahlenbeck and Reinhard joined in 2009. Lechtenfeld and Lothar Lohf, as well as the young breeder Daniel Kresse. I would like to thank all members for their participation in the shows but also at our get-togethers last year. I wish all of us a successful breeding and exhibition year Fritz Böhning 1st Chairman 38

41 Annual report of the South-West district Dear breeder friends. There are many positive and negative things to report about the 2009/10 show season. As you all know, our 1st Chairman Rudi Liehs can no longer pass on his office for private reasons. Berndwalk and Ernst-Heinrich Lickert chaired the meeting together. A new board had to be found. Finally Jörg Wunderlich agreed to take over the chairmanship. The annual general meeting was attached to the young animal meeting on in Großbottwar. The new board was also elected there. Special thanks go to the organizers E. and R. Hell and their families. There were 84 young in the cages. SR Mages, Becker and Wunderlich rated the animals. Then a young animal meeting took place. Outstanding animals were presented in Gazzi blue with bronze bandages by HV Krug J. Wunderlich. At the schietti, the black color shone with 4x HV from Jörg Wunderlich, and a Schwarztiger hen from the same breeder was also awarded HV. The best pigeon was Arthur Bär schietti, hammered blue bronze. This was awarded a V and a mug. The best Magnani received 95 points and a mug from Hermann Schoch. The group special show was affiliated to the ninth general Wonnegauer pigeon show on 31/31. First of all, many thanks to G. and H. Hofrath for taking over the show. Despite the somewhat unfavorable date, around 240 Modena pigeons were available for evaluation by the special judges. Attentive Listeners 39

42 Federal Breeding Warden Bernd Beck, Hartmut Rose and Albert Clobes with special judge candidate Ralph Meinzer rated the animals. Gazzi blue-bronze hammered: HV M. Lauinger brown pale with bronze bands: HV Ralph Meinzer brown pale bronze hammered: V W. Sudheimer Dominant red: HV E. light brown: 2x HV and 97 khaki for Ralph Meinzer Schietti blue with bronze bands: HV E .-H. Lickert and H. Lauinger and V Horst Lauinger Blue bronze hammered: V and 2x HV E.-H. Lickert blue with white bands: HV Werner Friedrich Die Pale Brown pale with bronze bandages: V and HV for H. Lauinger Brown pale bronze hammered: HV W. Sudheimer Khaki pale with sulfur band: HV for E.-H. Lickert Rotfahl: 2x HV E.-H. Lickert and HV for W. Sudheimer and R. Becker Gelbfahl: V and HV E.-H. Lickert Black: V and 3x HV for J. Wunderlich Brown: HV J. Wunderlich Red: V G. Callies White: V and HV G. Callies Yellow: HV M. Leix The black tigers and piebalds received 2x HV for G. and H. Hofrath Magnani multicolored: V H. Schoch, V and HV for G. and H. Hofrath Silver sprinkles: HV for G. and H. Hofrath Ernst-Heinrich Lickert presented the best animal of the show with a bronze hammer. The breeding prizes achieved with Gazzi brown Ralph Meinzer 382 points, Schietti black 385 points Jörg Wunderlich and with Magnani 383 points G. and H. Hofrath. Our young animal meeting takes place on at Marc Leix in Oedheim. The BSS will take place on August 8th in Steinenbronn at the Swabian pigeon show. The district had three exits and no new admissions. I wish all Modena friends good breeding and lots of fun with their animals. 1st chairman Jörg Wunderlich 40

43 41

44 Annual Report of the District West Dear breeding friends, here is the report on the activities of the District West in the past year. The annual general meeting was held on at Engelbert Keller in Pulheim. 11 breeders came here, some with their wives and two Dutch breeding friends. We were greeted with a hearty goulash soup and drinks. Engelbert Keller had organized a carriage ride for our women. The upcoming elections for the board of directors took place in great harmony. Special thanks go to the two board members Hermann Figge and Günter Kiwitt, who for health reasons no longer made themselves available as cashiers or secretaries for re-election. The newly elected board is composed as follows: 1st chairman: Hubert Willhoff 2nd chairman and cashier: Friedrich Sahlenbeck Secretary: Angela Martens Breeding warden: Norbert Hallen In consultation with the Dutch breeding friends, a joint young animal meeting should be held in the Netherlands for the first time. This took place on September 26th in Voorthuizen. 75 mo - dena, 32 of them from the West district, presented themselves to the judges Wim Halsema, Martin Treffers and Norbert Hallen. The women used the guide time to tour the small town of Voorthuizen together. After lunch together with the judges and breeders, the meeting took place at the cages. The three judges complemented each other perfectly and passed on important information for the breeder. The grade hv was awarded six times. Whereby we could win an HV Franz Terhart and Hubert Willhoff. Participants in the young animal meeting at Modena West and the Netherlands. 42

45 JH-Vers. am at Engelbert Keller in Pulheim: Our women with coffee and cake. V.l. Maria Kiwitt; Giesela Willhoff; Angelika Sahlenbeck; Hostess Marianne Keller; Mechthild Schnitzler; Agnes Bollmann and Maria Terhart. The coffee table is over, the JH verse. can start. From left: Hubert Willhoff; Ludger Bollmann, Engelbert Keller and Günter Kiwitt. Not in the picture: Angela Martens; Peter Lanvermann; Friederich Sahlenbeck; Franz Terhart; Josef Becker; Henk Houpst and a Dutch breeding friend as guests. 43

46 The best young animal was a Modena Gazzi hammered by André ten Hoere in blue bronze. Everyone agreed to further intensify the similarities. 1st place: A. ten Hoere 3rd place: Franz Terhart The summer conference in Berlstedt was sent by Franz Terhart and Hubert Willhoff. Hammered on Blue Bronze, Maria Terhart won one of five champions. Congratulations to all of us! It was the same 1.0 cock that was shown in Voorthuizen. Our district show took place on 21./22. No- vember held in Oed ing. As always, Franz Terhart and his team ensured perfect organization and a beautifully decorated hall. Here, too, some exhibitors from the Netherlands took part. The high prices won: excellent: 0.1 young blue bronze hammered, Andre ten Hoere; 0.1 old yellow, Werner Gehling; brilliantly achieved: Adolf Geers hammered to 0.1 brown pale; Werner Gehling hammered to 1.0 Magnani and 0.1 Rotfahl; Franz Terhart on 1.0 and 0.1 blue bronze bandages, 1.0 blue bronze hammered, 1.0 red; André ten Hoere hammered on 1.0 blue bronze; Peter Leijten to 0.1 dominant red; Hubert Willhoff hammered to 0.1 yellow pale. Franz Terhart won the Peter Schleith Cup with 382 points. Adolf Geers won the Modena plate on 4 young animals at Gazzi. We did not attend the main special show in Taufenheim. The following dates are planned for 2010: 1st summer conference at Werner Gehling's in Südlohn on September 11, 2010 and 2nd special show in our West District on November 20 and 21, 2010 in Oeding The registration papers for Modena Info 2010 are enclosed for both events. The on 11./12. December 2010 in Dortmund taking place 1. Revierschau with the pigeon breeders, we want to accompany our Modena with an advertising show. Our membership is still 20 people. I would like to thank all members for their support and wish everyone a successful breeding and exhibition year Hubert Willhoff, 1st chairman 44

47 45

48 46

49 47

50 48

51 Directory of members No. Surname First name Street LKZ-Zip code City Tel.-No. 1 Ammering Wilhelm Pfatter Str. 11 D Mintraching-Tiefbr. Tel .: 09406/395 2 Anatol Lorenz Ulmenweg 11 D Bad Friedrichshall Tel .: 0176 / Anders Peter Treppendorfer Str. 27 AD Remda / Teichel Tel .: / Andres Roland Second Colony 19 D Burg, Spreewald Tel .: / Arnold Werner Lerchenstrasse 6 D Pfedelbach Tel .: 07941 / Bachmann Ernst Borngasse 8 D Rosbach Tel .: 06007 / Baier Rudolf Tulpenstr. 7 D Bruckberg 8 Bär Artur Gottlieb Daimler Str. 8 D Gemmingen Tel .: 07267 / Barker Rick Sycamore Mesa US92590 CA Temecula 10 Bartsch Jochen Wiesenstr. 18 D Dettenheim 11 Bauer Gustav sen. Steigstrasse 20 D Bindlach Tel .: 09208 / Bauer Gustav jun. Steigstrasse 20 D Bindlach Tel .: 09208 / Baumann Otto Sandweg 6 D Laufen 14 Beck Bernd Rendeler Str. 75 D Karben Tel .: 06039 / Beck Karl-Heinz Mittelstr. 129 D Ringleben Tel .: / Becker Josef Johannisstr. 50 D Pulheim Tel .: 02238 / Becker Robert 13 Rue des Vosges F Phalsbourg Tel .: Beese Michael Am Flöth 63 D Hannover Tel .: 0511 / Berger Helmut Ringweg 24 D Nagel / Mühlbühl Tel .: 09236 / Beyler Pierre Rue Schott 40 F Strassbourg Tel .: Bindl Josef Neu-Offsteiner Str. 15 D Offstein Tel .: 06243 / Blaue Heinrich Lange Strasse 20 D Rinteln Tel .: 05751 / Bodensohn Kurt Flurstr. 34 D Offenbach Tel .: 069 / Böge Holger Grotenkamp 12 D Lutzhorn Tel .: 04123 / Bohn Marcel Steinweg 36 D Seligenstadt 26 Bohn Hugo Steinweg 36 D Seligenstadt Tel .: 06182 / Böhning Fritz Kloppenburg 6 D Stadthagen Tel .: 05721 / Bollmann Ludger Bocholter Str. 32 D Hamminkeln Tel .: 02852 / Brackmann Friedrich Flachsrotten 3 D Seesen Tel .: 05381 / Bremermann Sascha Holzweg 1 D Diepenau, OT Bramkamp Tel .: 05775 / Brendel Robert Pottensteiner Str. 17 D Pegnitz-Willenreuth Tel .: 09241 / Bretting Otto Ostendstr. 26 D Hohenwart Tel .: 08443 / Bretting Reinhard Ostendstr. 26 D Hohenwart Tel .: 08443/91057 Fax .: 08443 / Bretzler Alfred Im Burglesbühl 5 D Heubach / Lauter Tel .: 07173 / Brieger Volker Hauptstr. 77 D Ducherow Tel .: / Brinkmann Wilfried Feldweg 3 D Rehburg-Loccum Tel .: 05037 / Brunn Werner Brahmsstr. 3 D Worms Tel .: 06247 / Bubser Armin Rheingaustr. 127 D Hofheim Tel .: 06192 / Citizen Dieter Im Alten Felde 76 D Schmalenberg Tel .: 02972 / Bürner Erwin Unt.Hagenstr. 12 D Hersbruck Tel .: 09151 / Busch Andreas Rhienstr. 2a D Langeln Tel .: /