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Google opens Cloud Test Lab for Android apps

At its developer conference Google I / O with its focus on Android and Chrome, Google also gave isolated references to the cloud area. For example, it announced Cloud Test Lab, an online platform for app tests, and gave figures for its backbone service, Cloud Messaging.

According to Google manager Jason Titus, Cloud Test Lab should help developers with the problem that there are more than 4000 different Android devices. It is a kind of simulation platform that developers can use to test the compatibility of their apps with devices that they do not have themselves, he explained. It is based on the technology of Appurify, which was taken over by Google in 2014.

The basic function is to virtually test apps on the 20 most popular Android devices currently in use around the world and to deliver a free report that includes information on possible crashes and their reasons. If you want to test on other devices, you will have to pay a fee. When asked about the time of the launch, Titus said - to the laughter of the developer audience at I / O - simply "soon".

About the IaaS offer Google Cloud Platform, the Google manager said, "More and more large and small companies are jumping up." Specifically, he named the messaging service SnapChat and the training website Khan Academy.

The Android backbone service Cloud Messaging for smartphone apps is now used by 600,000 programs, reported Titus. More than 70 billion notifications would be sent about it every day. In addition to Android and Chrome, it now covers iOS.

Cloud messaging users could also subscribe to topics, which means less database management and fewer lines of code. In addition, he can now send notifications to the Chrome browser at operating system level.

[with material from Rachel King, ZDNet.com]

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