Chromebooks are good for online courses

Google Chromebook: pros and cons

A Google Chromebook can give you interesting advantages. Because in contrast to a PC or a conventional laptop, it can be used much more flexibly. That is why it is becoming increasingly popular.

Advantages of the Chromebook: This is what the Google notebook can do

Many of the advantages of the Chromebook have only been added over the past few years. Before that, there were a few problems that made users dissatisfied relatively quickly. Especially in the beginning, you were dependent on an existing internet connection with a Google Chromebook. The limited functionality also reduced the customers' motivation to buy. However, Google responded to these inconsistencies and gradually improved the system significantly.

  • The Chrome OS operating system runs on a Google Chromebook. This has the advantage that all services offered by Google can be used on the notebook. These include, for example, Google Maps, Google Sheets and the Google Calendar.
  • The device can be purchased at a relatively affordable price. For just 348 euros you get an Acer Chromebook with 32 GB of RAM, 14 inch full HD display, webcam, 14 hours of battery life and a fast processor.
  • While you can still go shopping quickly when starting many traditional laptops, Google Chromebooks are ready to go in just 7 seconds.
  • Another plus point is the intuitive operation. Google has made sure that the application is as user-friendly as possible. This means that you can find your way around without any IT knowledge or experience.
  • It is also practical that the Chrome OS operating system updates itself automatically in the background. The famous update screens like those when starting Windows don't exist here - the laptop updates completely unnoticed.
  • A very important advantage is that you don't have to install an extra virus program on the Chromebook. The system was designed in such a way that, due to several security precautions, viruses and malware hardly stand a chance.
  • If you would like to use Linux or Android on your notebook, you can easily activate it yourself. Both products can be set up via the settings.

These could be the problems of the notebook

Google always strives to continuously improve its own devices and their operating system. However, it can still happen that problems arise with it. No technical device is able to precisely cover the range of needs. The ease of use goes hand in hand with a limited selection of software products.

  • One thing that you, the buyer, must therefore be aware of is that there are few programs and applications for Chrome OS. Neither iTunes nor Microsoft Word work on the laptop. There are numerous web apps for this, but they cannot replace every typical Windows application.
  • A Chromebook is ideal if you want to mainly work online. However, if you also want to work offline, the device is hardly usable here.
  • The notebook has neither a CD nor a DVD drive. However, this problem can be solved with an external drive. USB flash drives and micro SD cards are possible.
  • The security of your own data is not completely guaranteed. Google is known for being easily accessed by third parties. Despite numerous safety precautions, misuse cannot be ruled out.

Conclusion: It depends on the user

If you find that you spend 90 percent of your time online on your PC, a Chromebook will be the perfect device for you. However, if you often use offline applications and programs on your computer, you should not opt ​​for a Chromebook.

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In our next practical tip you will find helpful solutions if the message appears on your notebook that the Chrome OS operating system is missing or damaged.

(Tip originally written by: Manuel Montefalcone)