How would the 3rd world war end?

Third world war

The Third world war is a conflict on earth in the middle of the 21st century.

Causes and course [edit | Edit source]

The war breaks out in 2026 as a long-term consequence of the Eugenic Wars and the genetic manipulation of human subjects that took place at the time. (ENT:The dark side of the mirror, part II)

At the beginning of the war, ColonelPhillip Green2026 leads a violent group of radical eco-terrorists. The actions of this faction lead to 37 million deaths. (ENT:The dark side of the mirror, part II; TOS:For as long as there have been people, bread and games)

During the conflict, the New United Nations will be founded in 2036 to prepare for the reconstruction of destroyed societies. It is decided that no earth citizen can be held responsible for the crimes of his ancestors. (TNG:The powerful)

The last fighting will take place around 2053. The conflict is fought with nuclear weapons and the Eastern Coalition and the United States of America, among others, take part in the war. (Star Trek: First Contact)

Green has hundreds of thousands killed who suffered radiation damage in the course of the nuclear war in order to save future generations from it. (ENT:Demons)

The war comes to an end in 2053 when several warring nations declare a ceasefire in San Francisco. (ENT:Demons)

Post-war phase Edit source]

Overall, this third world war cost over 600 million human lives. Most of the world's capitals are in ruins and the atmosphere is contaminated with radioactive isotopes. (Star Trek: First Contact; VOY:In flesh and blood)

As a result of the war, there is a nuclear winter in many parts of the world. (TNG:The time-traveling historian)

Two years later, Green gave a speech in which he again called for the exclusion of impure elements from human society. (ENT:Demons)

After the war, anarchy and chaos reigned on earth for a long time, the period up to the year 2079 is known as the post-atomic horror period, in which judges hold show trials for the people and soldiers in radiation protection suits ensure order in the judges' room. (TNG:The powerful)

These soldiers are controlled with drugs and, if they disobey, are often immediately executed on the spot. (TNG:The powerful)

In the 22nd century, the Terra Prime organization accuses the Vulcans of watching the people of the 21st century, but not intervening in the war to prevent it. Terra Prime makes the Vulcans jointly responsible for the many dead in the war. (ENT:Terra Prime)

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Background information Edit source]

Subsequently The sleeping tiger In a conversation between Spock and Leonard McCoy, the Eugenic Wars are still referred to as the last world war and thus seem to form a unit at least with the third world war. Malik speaks in The Augments of the, but probably only means the Eugenic Wars.

A computer display of the Starfleet historical archive, which is shown below The dark side of the mirror, part II was shown, names the year of the beginning of the war, the chronological connection to the Eugenic Wars and describes the involvement of Colonel Green.

The 1986 novel The battleship connects the Third World War with a communist current that gains influence through a military coup towards the end of the 20th century. The desire for one ruling class also has to eugenic experiments from which later the augments emerged.

In the novel The Federation from 1994 (two years before the publication of Star Trek: First Contact) the third world war dates to around the year 2078 and the main actor of the war is the so-called Optimum movement. At this point in time, however, humanity has already spread to various extrasolar planets and can help rebuild the earth.

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