Why is it important to sell your art

Selling Art Online - The Basics

The opportunities that digitalization offers artists go far beyond the online marketing of works of art. Even if you create “traditional” visual art such as pictures, graphics or sculptures: You should use the artistic possibilities that the digitalization entails, definitely keep an eye on it.

The latest hype on the art market are so-called NFTs - Non-Fungible Tokens. NFTs are Crypto certificates from blockchain technology. They allow a digital work, e.g. B. an image stored on a computer, can be clearly assigned to a specific owner. From a purely technical point of view, this picture can still be reproduced or shared on the network as often as you like, but the owner of the picture is with the blockchain technology practically one hundred percent identifiable.

The basic principle is similar to that in the analog world: Here, too, practically everyone can hang a picture of Leonardo da Vinci's “Mona Lisa” in their living room. Anyone who is halfway interested knows, however, that the original can be found in the Louvre in Paris. While the original painting in the Louvre is practically unaffordable it is the living room copy - which shows exactly the same thing - available for relatively little money.

In the meantime, digital NFT images are being sold for several million: For example, a collage by the US artist Beeple achieved almost 70 million US dollars at auction - a collector was willing to pay so much for it. Even if the artistic value of many “typical” NFT images is controversial among art experts and it is still far from clear how long this hype will last: Blockchain technologies like NFT are based on how art is sold on the Internet a huge impact in the years to come to have. Portals such as Rarible, Open Sea or Nifty Gateway are already specialized in this.