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Welcome to the Institute of Philosophy!

Information on teaching at the Institute of Philosophy in the summer semester 2021

IMPORTANT: Due to the current situation, there may be changes to the courses at short notice. Please always inform yourself about the Moodle room for the respective courses.

Unfortunately, the current situation does not allow us to organize the summer semester as usual and thus presents us all with challenges that we can only master together.

The vast majority of the courses in philosophy are also offered digitally in the summer semester.

As central point of contact is used for the respective events of the Moodle course is used to which it is assigned. There you will then find more information about their design. Please enroll in the Moodle courses as soon as possible. In particular, this is also possible before registration via PULS is activated. This is the only way to establish contact between you and the lecturer. (Of course, this does not replace the registration in PULS for performance recording!)

Also the possibility Reading courses The appointments with the lecturers can take place digitally if the situation remains unchanged. Please discuss the exact design with the relevant teacher. Here you will find information about the reading courses.

Of course there is still the possibility Modular work to write. Support can be provided by phone, email or video chat, and writing advice is also available online for you.

Please also note the information on the page Current.
Further information on the effects of the corona crisis on studies and teaching can be found here. Please also take into account the changed registration, occupancy and withdrawal periods for courses, see Studies / Semester Dates.

You can find an overview of the events for your respective examination regulations in PULS.

Here you will find an overview of the events of the Philosophical Institute for the summer semester 2021.
If you have any further questions, please contact johannes.haaguni-potsdamde.

The institute consists of the following teaching areas: