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The TKI is an advice and service point for all topics of practical cultural work. She is an expert on legal and administrative issues and works closely with lawyers and tax advisors. The TKI offers practice-oriented information, among other things, on club organization, funding, and legal and tax issues in the field of culture.

The AKM is an Austrian Copyright Society. The authors receive fees from the AKM for the use of their works, while the organizers pay fees from the AKM.

  • It affects e.g. music and texts up to 70 years after death everyone involved in the creation of the work Authors.
  • Are subject to AKM public events. Events with a "closed group of participants", e.g. events for club members, are also considered public.

  • An AKM fee must be not just for live performances, but are paid for every public reproduction of music and texts, such as readings or playing MP3s, CDs, films, radio, television ... even if only a few seconds are played or the music is playing in the background, eg background music in bars.
  • Events at free entry or with voluntary donations are subject to AKM. This does not apply to benefit events for which the exact provisions apply. The event has to be registered anyway.
  • If sound and / or video recordings of the event are in Internet are published, this must be reported to the AKM.
  • There are different types of billing - According to the capacity of the event location, according to tickets sold, according to expenditure (artist fees, etc.). Before the event, inquire at AKM which type of billing is the cheapest for your event.

  • Some umbrella organizations have with the AKM Framework agreements negotiated what their members Discounts on the tariff (e.g. TKI / IG Kultur Österreich, Theaterverband Tirol, Organizerverband Österreich VVAT).
  • The organizer must hold the event at AKM Sign in. At a single event up to 3 working days before the performance (with registration card, registration form or online) Attention: For clubs, a person authorized to sign must sign.

  • Provisions for Theater and film screenings note!
  • If only unprotected works must be listed, an informal form must be provided when registering "Playlist" (Title, name of the author). If a title is protected, then the entire event is subject to AKM.

  • At Continuous use (Music in the pub, a series of similar events) is a license agreement with AKM in advance Flat-rate contractto complete.

  • Live musicians must transmit music programs to the AKM.

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