Is sugar-free better than regular sugar

What is agave syrup?

The sugar substitute is obtained from the juice of the agave, which grows mainly in warm and dry regions, for example in Mexico. To make agave syrup, the core of the agave is first crushed and then juiced. The juice obtained is boiled down until a light syrup is produced. When the juice is boiled down, it loses water, which means that it has a longer shelf life. Since agave syrup is a purely natural product, in the manufacture noneartificialadditions or sweeteners are used. Like rice syrup or maple syrup, it is also suitable for a vegan diet.

What is the difference between agave syrup and agave syrup?

The termsAgave syrup and Agave syrup refer to one and the same food and can therefore be used both. However, the name agave syrup is more common.

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Can you replace sugar with agave syrup?

Agave syrup is similar to honey, it has a strong sweetening power, but at the same time also has a relatively neutral and mild taste, so that when the food is used, other aromas are not adulterated, but intensified. Agave syrup has a very high fructose content, which can lead to flatulence, diarrhea and abdominal pain when consumed in larger quantities. Excessive amounts can also promote fatty liver disease, as the liver is no longer able to break down the sugar and instead stores it as fat. However, fructose is not harmful to healthy people and in normal amounts.

The syrup usually has no color and tends to be more transparent - but when it is golden to brown in color possessed, the syrup was boiled down until it was a light Caramel note contains. The sweetener is easily soluble and can therefore be used very well in foods such as yoghurt or smoothies. Because of the intense sweetness, you need less than household sugar.

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Agave syrup for baking

If you want to do without conventional sugar, you can use agave syrup for baking. Due to its higher sweetening power, 100 grams of sugar can be replaced by 75 grams of agave syrup. Since sugar also contributes to the consistency of some baking recipes, agave syrup is not always suitable as a substitute.

Is agave syrup healthier than sugar?

Agave syrup is a little sweeter than normal sugar and still has it less calories, namely only 310 per 100 grams, while sugar contains around 400 kcal per 100 grams. This means that less of the syrup has to be used for the same sweetness, which saves calories. The sugar substitute also contains various minerals, secondary plant substances and trace elements. For a health effect, however, a lot of agave syrup would have to be eaten. The nutrients are therefore more of a minor side effect.

Another benefit is that very low glycemic index of about 20 percent. Normal household sugar, on the other hand, has an index of around 70 percent. As a result, the blood sugar level rises and falls much more slowly, so that cravings have no chance. These properties are particularly advantageous for diabetics, as insulin does not have to be supplied if the blood sugar level is constant. The agave syrup consists mainly of fructose, i.e. fruit sugar, which is broken down by the liver. The same applies here: Everything in moderation.

By the way: The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends no more than six spoons - about 25 grams - added Sugar daily to take in. Since agave syrup is ultimately also sugar, it is included in this guideline. It can be helpful that on sugar alternatives and Sweeteners like stevia, aspartame or erythritol.

Maple syrup, rice syrup or agave syrup: which sweeteners better?

Other popular sugar alternatives are maple syrup and rice syrup. Rice syrup is made from rice flour, water and an enzyme that converts starch into sugar. The difference to agave syrup, however, is that rice syrup does not contain fructose, but contains glucose and polysaccharides. The latter leave the Blood sugar level increase slowly, but not the fructose in agave syrup. Likewise is the Less sweetening power of rice syrup than that of regular table sugar or agave syrup. Maple syrup has its own taste and is therefore not suitable for every dish. It tastes particularly good on pancakes or in muesli. However, maple syrup consists mainly of sucrose, which causes the blood sugar level to rise sharply.

Every sugar alternative therefore has its right to exist and is suitable for different dishes. With its sweetening power compared to conventional sugar despite the lower calorie density, the syrup of the agave is quite suitable for sweetening. However, it should only be present in moderation in a healthy diet.