What is a good knitting hook

7 new knitting hacks

Some time ago I introduced little knitting tricks, things that can make knitting and crocheting easier for you. It was clear to me that there are definitely other little helpers from different areas that could be listed here and so I asked the participants in the Strickcafé, the sockshype Facebook group, which knitting hacks can be found in their project bags. I picked out a few and tried them out.

Knitting hook 1: Spiral hair ties hold double pointed needles and jacket needles together

Knitting needles, jacket needles and also needles are often kept in tins. It makes sense to connect matching needles with one another. This is where spiral hair ties come into play. Actually, they should ensure the perfect hold of the hair. But they can also practically hold double pointed needles and knitting needles together.

For this knitting hook, a spiral hair tie is cut into two equal parts. Each can be wrapped around thick needles as well as thin needles. I tested it with different double pointed needles sets for sizes 3, 5 and 8. I was also able to tie the Neco Bamboo Flex together at the flex point. Later you will see how the Sprial hair ties can also hold the circular knitting needles together.

Strickhack 2: A letter clip turns a simple bowl into a thread bowl

Yarn bowls are ideal helpers when knitting and crocheting. Sometimes you can't find the beginning of the yarn inside the ball straight away or the pattern is better suited for the project from the outside. This is how the knitter or crocheter begins with the outer thread. If the ball is not in a container, such as B. is placed in a thread bowl, it can happen that the ball of yarn rolls through the entire room. Thread trays have a helical recess on the edge through which the thread is passed. If you pull the thread, the thread unwinds, but the ball stays in place, namely in the thread bowl.

If you don't have a thread bowl, you can make do with this knitting hook: a letter clip is attached to the edge of a bowl made of porcelain, plastic or wood. The ball lies in the bowl, the thread is fed through the eyelets of the letter clip. The paper clip is available for little money in stationery stores.

Knitting hook 3: Use a paper clip and spiral hair ties to hang up the circular knitting needles neatly

As I was holding the spiral hair ties in my hand, I wondered how I could also use them to tie the circular knitting needles together. For a circular knitting needle, I quartered the hair tie and twisted two parts over the coiled rope. A letter clip was then used in a third place. Excellent! With this knitting hook, the circular knitting needles can now be hung up.

And then the idea came up that you could take a nice board into which hooks are screwed for the circular knitting needles. The sizes can be marked with small labels above the hooks. In addition, colored paper clips could indicate the rope lengths. Not only do you have a great way to store your circular knitting needles, but you can also find the right needle in no time at all. And it will certainly look pretty too.

Knitting hook 4: The bottle pocket helps you to knit with multiple colors

Knitting stripes, intarsia or Fail Isle means that you always have several balls of yarn in use. So that the threads do not get tangled, the balls can be fixed in the individual compartments of a bottle pocket. The starting threads from the inside of the ball should definitely be used for this knitting hook. If you don't like the dreary bags made of polyester fabric: The trade now offers bottle bags made of a variety of materials, such as felt or woven fabric, as well as in pretty decors.

Knitting hook 5: bobby pins hold the end threads in place

When a project is finished, the leftover wool is put in a box. It is unfavorable if the end threads come loose and get tangled up when rummaging around in the scrap box. A thread chaos can quickly arise there. To avoid this, some knitters and crocheters wrap elastic bands around the skeins. However, rubber bands have the disadvantage that small fibers bond with the rubber. Hair clips made of thin metal are more useful. They are simply clipped in and hold the end threads perfectly. Since they have a slightly rounded shape, they adapt perfectly to the ball of wool.

Strickhack 6: The identification rings on electric toothbrushes can be used as stitch markers.

The plug-on head of the electric toothbrush should be replaced every three to four months. Then you shouldn't throw away the small identification rings, but put them in your box with the stitch markers.

Stitch markers are really good little helpers that mark special spots while knitting and draw the knitter's attention: "Watch out, now there's a spot where you have to do something very special!" This can be B. be the beginning of a new report or the point where it has to be increased or decreased.

This knitting hack would actually disappear in the trash, since it's so useful!

Hitch 7: Even more stitch markers

When it comes to stitch markers, the participants in our knitting café listed other knitting hacks that they use: the thread roll, the paper clip, a small safety pin and a bobby pin. The special thing about these markers is that they have an opening. This means that they can be removed at any time. For the closed ones, the row must first be knitted up to the stitch marker.

So I once met a lady who pulled a stitch marker with an opening through a stitch every 10 rows. She could easily count the rows. When the knitted piece was finished, she had made a lot of stitch markers. That looked really funny. She always knew exactly when she had reached the number of stitches specified in the instructions. At this point I would rather use an auxiliary thread that I pull forwards or backwards every 10 rows. But the beauty is, everyone in their own way!

Another knitter uses the bobby pin on the right in the picture to mark the spiral chain stitch while crocheting. The staple is passed through the chain mesh and later shows the point where it has to be pierced. Ingenious knitting trick.

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