How do you hydrate your lips

(How can you have more voluminous lips in just a few steps with the help of Lppenstifft)

Almost every woman dreams of looking perfect all the time. As we have been convinced many times, the perfect look is often due to the small details, such as hairstyle, manicure, lips, etc. These can often change the whole look.

Not all women, however, have the perfect lips that you dream of. Fortunately, there are plenty of tips and tricks out there these days that can help you beautify your lips without surgery. You don't need to go through expensive and very messy procedures with fillers (or fillers) to achieve the desired effect. Just follow the steps below and get more voluminous and beautiful lips straight away.

Exfoliate lips properly

All you need is a toothbrush. Here it is recommended to choose a soft toothbrush to avoid lip injuries. First, apply lip balm. You can use a hydrating product like Clinique's Chubby Stick Lip Balm. Then exfoliate the lips very gently with the toothbrush, this will accelerate the blood circulation in the lips and make them look juicier. Please note that this method has a relatively short effect. The more regularly you exfoliate your lips, the longer the effect will last.

For even better exfoliation, you can mix half a teaspoon of honey with sugar. You can also add a little water if necessary. Then apply the paste on the lips and massage the area with the lip contour and the lip brush as well. After that, wipe your lips with warm water.

As an alternative to this lip mask, you can also mix a teaspoon of sugar with a few drops of olive or almond oil.

Add essential oils in the lip gloss or lipstick

Just a few drops of peppermint oil or cinnamon can be very beneficial on your lips. Add a bit of this oil to the lip gloss and mix the ingredients together very well. After applying the gloss to your lips, you will likely feel a slight burning sensation, but it will pass quickly. The peppermint oil and cinnamon accelerate the lip blood circulation and make the lips look fuller.

Draw the lips with skin corrector

In order to visually enlarge the upper lip, you need to choose skin corrector that is 2 ton lighter than your skin color. Brush this on the upper lip. Then underline the lower lip with a thin corrector.

The eyeliner trick

Here you need an eye pencil with a warm brown shade. Underline your lips - the line should be about one to two millimeters below the lip contour. If you also apply lip gloss like this from Christian Dior Christian Dior Rouge Dior Brilliant Lipgloss on the lower lip, your lips will look more complete.

Choose lighter lipstick colors

That is perhaps one of the best pieces of advice. Basically, the darker shades of lipstick make the lips look thinner. Once you've chosen a matte lipstick, always wear a bit of lip gloss in the center of your upper and lower lip. This also gives you the more voluminous lips you want.

Don't forget to match the color of your lipstick with the color of your skin. A variety of lipstick can be found under the following category Lips.

Color lips like professional make-up

Cleanse and hydrate your lips. As a lip base, wear a little foundation that will cover the color of your lips. Draw your lips with white eye pencil by applying the line very lightly outside of the lips. Then draw the lips with the lip pencil in the desired shade again. It must be the same color as your lipstick.

Then apply the lipstick with a brush, moving it down towards the chin and not the other way around. Under the following link you will find the Shiseido Lip Brush, which is perfect for the Shiseido Makeup Lip Brush. You have to dye the lips several times because the lipstick is usually not that durable.

Finally, apply a little foundation to the lipstick, which should be spread over the new lip contours.

Bulky lips only with lipstick, lip pencil and lip gloss

First, if you don't have foundation or white eye pencil under your arm, you can use a lip pencil to draw your lips. Try to trace the line just below the lip contour. Then draw the line again - the goal is to make it just a little thicker. First apply the lip gloss and then the lipstick.


Now your lips look fuller.