How is Karuna Apartments in Trivandrum

December 2019 for: SkillSonics 50% CHF 35,978.- Room rental CHF 5,466.- Total in December: 41,444.- Total 300,516


1 Marian Craft & Arts Center of Excellence (Swiss and European Standard) Marian Higher Education Institutions Campus Menamkulam, Kazhakuttom Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India Photo report pilot year 2019 Trivandrum, In summer 2019 a pilot project could be started thanks to the commitment of a sponsor. This in provisional premises. The pilot project is to be continued until the donations for a new building are available. Without this pilot project it will not be possible to convince sponsors, because otherwise they simply cannot see what is roughly planned. The costs of the pilot year were presented by me as follows and the budget was adhered to: Subject INR Tax 18% Incl. Tax 18% CHF ($) SkillSonics incl. Teacher (Proposal) 3,965 '' 864 4,679,773 71,997 Electrician Material 3,453 '' 558 4,074,658 62,687 Welding Material 4,034 '' 273 4,761,123 73,248 Building modifications 4,800,000 5,664,000 87,138 Room costs per year 300,000 54,000 5,446 Total 16,553,859 2,979,695 19,533,516 Amounts due: End of July 2019 for: Equipment in the two workshops: CHF 62,248 = 135'935.- SkillSonics 50% CHF 35'999.- Total end of July 2019: 171'934.- September 2019 for: Building adaptation: 87'138.- Total in September: 87'138.- December 2019 for: SkillSonics 50 % CHF 35,978.- Room rental CHF 5,466.- Total in December: 41,444.- Total 300,516 Trivandrum Social Service Society - TSSS (Program provider) SkillSonics (Knowledge partner)

2 Preparation of the pilot project On February 6, 2019, the summit that I had prepared took place in the Mascot Hotel in Trivandrum. In addition to the Minister for Higher Education K. T. Jaleel and the Archbishop of Trivandrum Soosa Pakiam, the Consul General of Switzerland in Bangalore Sébastien Hug and Karuna Ganguly from SkillSonics in Bangalore were also present. In addition, many other important guests from business and industry. cf. On March 19, I flew to Switzerland to meet the Chairman of the Board of Directors of SkillSonics (April 30, 2019), Caritas Switzerland, Caritas Austria and Caritas Germany and many others. On May 9th we met the EU ambassador in Delhi and on May 16th we were visited by representatives from SkillSonics. This is followed by lengthy negotiations and offers for the implementation of two pilot courses with almost Swiss quality. A Swiss foundation promises me the start-up capital of CHF 300,000. The first tranche of CHF 180,000 was transferred to TSSS in July 2019. Page 2 of 30

3 The pilot project The Marian Craft & Arts Center of Excellence (Swiss and European Standard), Marian Higher Education Institutions Campus, Menamkulam, Kazhakuttom, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India is an initiative of the Trivandrum Social Service Society - TSSS (Program provider). SkillSonics is the knowledge partner. The "Marian Center" is the first implementation of dual vocational training in Kerala. For the time being, the center includes the two pilot courses for welder and electrician. The Marian Center is the first of its kind in India that is not directly linked to a specific employer as a program provider, but is open to apprentices of various origins. When fully operational, the center will probably have space for around 70 apprentices; Approx. 35 welders and electricians each. The center can come up with products from the world market leaders "Fronius" and "Festo". The center is the preliminary stage of the planned college. The people here have to see something so that they can understand what is possible. Page 3 of 30

4 Sébastien Hug, the Consul General of Switzerland and CEO of Swissnex India in Bangalore, paid tribute to this project in a public contribution with the following words: After six years in Kerala, Guido Hangartner has fulfilled his promise and made his dream come true: A vocational school for production technicians in welding and electronics was inaugurated in presence of the Hon. Thomas Isaac, Finance Minister of Kerala, and Rt. Rev. Dr. Christudas R, aux. Bishop in Trivandrum. The Marian Craft & Arts Center of Excellence will be run in partnership with SkillSonics, and is now recruiting the first batch! Guido, congrats on your initiative, perseverance and entrepreneurialspirit spirit! Looking forward to see this school filled with lots of energetic young talents! It was an honor to be present for this important moment. swissnex India, Consulate General of Switzerland. Translation into German: After six years in Kerala, Guido Hangartner has fulfilled his promise and made his dream come true: In the presence of Thomas Isaac, Finance Minister of Kerala, and Dr. Christudas R, Auxiliary Bishop of Trivandrum, a vocational school for production technicians in the fields of welding and electronics was inaugurated. The Marian Craft & Arts Center of Excellence is operated in collaboration with SkillSonics and is now recruiting the first batch! Guido, congratulations on your initiative, perseverance and your entrepreneurial spirit! I look forward to seeing this school with lots of energetic young talent! It was an honor to be there for this important moment. swissnex India, Consulate General of Switzerland. Page 4 of 30

5 The remaining CHF 120,000 of the total CHF 300,000 were only requested in December. It wasn't until December that I was able to do it with a clear conscience. Unfortunately, this was not yet possible in September. According to the Indian mentality, discussions took place for months instead of the promises and agreements being acted upon. But now the time has come; at the last minute, so to speak, as is customary in India. At the beginning of August, the first tranche of SkillSonics was paid and the equipment of the workshops started. In the meantime, the equipment is, so to speak, complete, with the exception of a very few tools that have to be replaced because they do not meet the requirements. The ramp for the wheelchairs has not yet been built either, but should come in the next few weeks. The respective photo evidence is built into this report here. The use of the sent CHF 180'000.- are therefore checked by me directly on site. Page 5 of 30

6 Photo documentation cabinets with all the small tools for electricians and welders. Cabinets with the safety shoes for the apprentices. The work clothes are still missing. There is still space for this in the right-hand cabinet. Page 6 of 30

7 One of six exercise tables for the electricians. The workshop for the electrician. Page 7 of 30

8 The center manager's office with all the school books on the shelf on the left. The room for the staff. Page 8 of 30

9 The computer room with 20 terminals. One of the two classrooms. Both are equipped with a whiteboard, screen and projector. Here the specialist teacher for welders can be seen with part of his class. Page 9 of 30

10 One of the two large waste bins made of fire-resistant sheet metal. The terminal for virtual welding from Fronius. There are allegedly only two such exercise devices in all of India at the moment. One with us. Page 10 of 30

11 The practical workshop for welders with work tables and small machines. One of the 10 welding boxes with the latest Fronius devices. Page 11 of 30

12 The electropneumatic training station from Festo for electricians. Building adaptations I consciously did not request the CHF 87,000.- required in September for the building adaptations at the time, because at that time I could not observe any advance payments. It was not until the middle of September that the modifications to the building began, with a three-month delay. Therefore, I decided to wait until the full adjustment, so that I can confirm with a clear conscience that the statements were made professionally and comprehensibly. This has now happened and here, too, I personally monitored everything on site. The payments for the work are still partly outstanding, as we are now waiting for the approval and transfer from the sponsor. Here, too, everything was done at the last minute. Here too, therefore, the photo evidence. Page 12 of 30

13 The front of the building. Here the driveway had to be rebuilt in order to be able to use it. Page 13 of 30

14 The back of the building. The courtyard of the building. Page 14 of 30

15 The entrance area of ​​the building. All floors had to be sanded and all walls repainted. In addition, many walls were branded, as can be seen below. Page 15 of 30

16 The gas connections for the welders, both external and internal. Page 16 of 30

17 A total of 10 booths for the welders had to be newly built in a fire-proof manner. In addition, each cabin needs a smoke outlet above the respective cabin. Two high-performance fans also had to be installed. Page 17 of 30

18 The entire floor had to be provided with new power lines and the associated distributors and sockets. The old lines were not up to the demands. Page 18 of 30

19 6 fire extinguishers and sand buckets were also installed. Large parts of the floor also had to be provided with UPS cables for the electronics. 8 high-performance batteries are used for this. Page 19 of 30

20 A disabled toilet also had to be built next to the office. Page 20 of 30

21 At this point, a ramp is missing at the side entrance for wheelchairs. The neighboring building of the Marian Engineering College, it is the administration block. Page 21 of 30

22 The other building next door, the Marian College for Architecture and Planning. A negative point at the end are the numerous small garbage spots around all buildings. Since there is no garbage disposal, garbage is generally piled up on walls and temporarily burned there itself. Page 22 of 30

23 Inauguration In the meantime, the lesson started on and the official inauguration was attended by Mr. Sébastien Hug (CEO of Swissnex India & Swiss Consul General in Bangalore) and Shri Dr. T.M. Thomas Isaac (Minister for Finance, Govt. Of Kerala). In addition, Auxiliary Bishop Christudas was also there to represent Archbishop Soosa Pakiam. Left: Thomas Isaac (Minister for Finance, Govt. Of Kerala) Right: Mr. Sébastien Hug (CEO of Swissnex India & Swiss Consul General in Bangalore) The founder Dr. Hangartner and Consul General Sébastien Hug. Page 23 of 30

24 Everyday operation For a few days now, after initial difficulties, the training company has been running smoothly. However, this also means that the second half of the payment to SkillSonics is now due. You can now say that everything is running correctly. Unfortunately, the work uniforms are not yet available because there was discussion here for weeks instead of simply ordering a set. I would have liked to show the apprentices in their work clothes, but the photos show that they are not there yet, apart from the work safety shoes that have been waiting for weeks. However, the shoes are only handed in with the rest of the work clothes. Photos apprentices The two classes together with their teachers. Page 24 of 30

25 The electricians during practical lessons. Instructions on the electro-pneumatic exercise wall. Page 25 of 30

26 Practicing virtual welding. Welding on in reality. Page 26 of 30

27 Sanding work with the Flex. Sawing work on the practice piece. Page 27 of 30

28 workpieces from the young apprentices. Before Christmas, the archbishop came to the center personally to have a blessing, as he had to be represented at the inauguration for health reasons. The work uniforms also arrived in time for the minute. Blessing of the center on by Archbishop Soosa Pakiam. Page 28 of 30

29 The archbishop at the center's blessing ceremony with the apprentices in the work uniforms that have just arrived. Everything is ready so far, only the work trousers that have just arrived have to be shortened for each apprentice. Page 29 of 30

30 Kind regards and thank you very much. Trivandrum, (old festival Lazarus of Bethanien) Guido Hangartner, PhD Marian Engineering College KP XI / 6, Kazhakuttom, Kerala, India Thiruvananthapuram KERALA, SOUTH INDIA Page 30 of 30