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The real names of the YouTubers & Stars!


The real names of the YouTubers & Stars: A-E

Adele: Unusual: the British singer has three first names! One of them is even a color. Her name is Adele Laurie Blue Adkins.

ApoRed: The real name of the YouTuber from Hamburg is Ahmad Nadim Ahadi

Ashley Benson: The"Pretty Little Liars"-Star's full name Ashley Victoria Benson.

Bella Thorne: "Bella" is actually just her nickname! The crazy Hollywood girl was calledAnnabella Avery Thorne born.

Bebe Rexha: It owes its real name to its Albanian roots: the singer is called Bleta Rexha.

Bella Hadid: Just like her sister, the model is known by her nickname. Because it's actually called Isabella Khair Hadid.

Beyoncé: The queen of the RnB also has a middle name! She came asBeyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter to the world.

BibisBeautyPalace: BibisBeautyPalace made no secret of her real name and revealed early on that she Bianca Heinicke called. However, it is now called Bianca Claßenbecause she married YouTuber Julienco aka Julian Claßen.

Billie Eilish simplified their name a bit. Her full name is Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O'Connell. Yep, that's right, she's actually called "Pirate" like the pirate - so cool!

Bonnie Strange: To make a career you needed she has an exciting name: Bonnie Strange sounds much more international than above all elseJana Weilert!

Britney Spears: Britney also has a middle name: the icon is called Britney Jean Spears.

Brooklyn Beckham: Very classic: The cute footballer son is called Brooklyn Joseph Beckham.

Bruno Mars: The singer has just given himself a completely new name!Peter Gene Hernandezhe probably didn't like it that much.

Calvin Harris: His friends only call the well-known DJ by his real name - which is Adam Richard Wiles.

Camila Cabello: The pop princess probably liked her middle name better than her first: Her name is actuallyKarla Camila Cabello Estrabao.

Capital Bra: He is the most successful rapper in Germany and likes to call himself "the Bratan", be there real name Vladislav Balovatsky - sounds pretty cool too!

Cara Delevingne: Cara Jocelyn Delevingne is the full name of the supermodel.

Charli XCX: Hardly anyone mentions her by her full name: the singer is calledCharlotte Aitchison.

Charlie Puth: Middle names are a tradition in his family! The full name of the cute US singer isCharles Otto Puth Junior. 

Cro: The panda rapper also has a pseudonym. His name is namelyCarlo Waibel.

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Cole Sprouse: Like his twin brother, Cole has a middle name. His name is Cole Mitchell Sprouse.

Dagi Bee: It used to be called Dagmar Ochmanczyk. After her wedding to husband Eugen, Dagi's name is now Dagmar Kazakov.

Dakota Fanning: Hardly anyone knows: the actress is only mentioned by the second name! It's actually called Hannah Dakota Fanning.

Demi Lovato: "Demi" is actually just her nickname: her name is Demetria Devonne Lovato.

Drake: The Canadian rapper was so fond of his second name that he just dropped the first. But it is still on paper Aubrey Drake Graham.

Dylan Sprouse: The cute actor is called Dylan Thomas Sprouse.

Ed Sheeran: Because his whole first name was too long for him, the Briton called himself simply "Ed". Strictly speaking, however, his name is Edward Christopher Sheeran.

Ellie Goulding: "Ellie" is just her nickname! The singer is actually called Elena Jane Goulding.

Emma Watson: The "Harry Potter" actress has three first names: Her name is Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson.


The real names of the YouTubers & Stars: F-J

Gigi Hadid: "Gigi" is just the nickname of the top model. It's actually called Jelena Noura Hadid.

Cucumber son The full name of the German YouTuber is Dennis Levin.

Gzuz: The stage name Gzuz is an acronym for "Ghetto stuff uncensored. His real name, on the other hand, is not that gangster. Civil means Gzuz namely Kristoffer Jonas Klauss

Hailey Baldwin: The model was named Hailey Rhode Baldwin born.

Harry Styles: Harry and Ed Sheeran share a first name! The British singer's full name is calledHarry Edward Styles.

Heino: Funny: The former"DSDS"-Jury was namedHeinz Georg Krammborn.

Helene Fischer: Did you know? Helene is actually called Jelena Petrovna Fischer! As a German pop singer, Helene fits better, thinks the blonde.

Hilary Duff: Crazy - The actress' second name is actually a man's name. she got Hilary Erhard Duff called.

Jacob Sartorius: Did you know Jacob is just his middle name? Actually, the YouTuber is called Rolf Jacob Sartorius.

Jay-Z: Rapper's real name is Jay-ZShawn Corey Carter. But as a rapper you need a stage name.

Jennifer Lawrence: Your middle name is pretty unusual! The actress is called Jennifer Shrader Lawrence.

Juju:The "Trust Me" rapper is called Judith Wessendorf.

Julienco: Julienco's real name isJulian Claßen.

Julien Bam:He is one of the most successful YouTubers / creators in Germany. Be real name is Julien Zheng Zheng Kho Budorovits. 

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Justin Bieber: Only the biggest fans know his middle name! The hotte singer is called Justin Drew Bieber. "Drew" is now also the name of his own fashion brand.


The real names of the YouTubers & Stars: K-O

Katy Perry: In order not to be confused with actress Kate Hudson, Katy Perry renamed herself. It is called namelyKatheryn Elizabeth Hudson.

Katja KrasaviceHer name is on her ID Katrin Vogel. The artist is originally from the Czech Republic. There "Krasavice" means something like "beautiful woman" - it fits!

Kendall Jenner: Simple and beautiful: The supermodel's full name is Kendall Nicole Jenner.

Kim Kardashian: Her middle name is gender neutral: the social media star came asKim Noel Kardashian to the world.

Kisu: Many of you have probably been fans of YouTuber Kisu for years. To this day, however, Mommy keeps her real name a secret.

Kit Harrington The "Game of Thrones" star is called Christopher Catesby Harington.

Kristen Stewart: Unusual: The actress is known by that name Kristen Jaymes Stewart.

Kylie Jenner: The 'K' seems to be the most popular letter in their family! The reality star is called Kylie Kristen Jenner.

Liam Payne: His middle name is classically English: the 1D star's full name Liam James Payne.

Lil Wayne: Lil Wayne, Weezy or Lil Tunechi - the rapper has three stage names! But his real name isDwayne Michael Carter, Jr.

Liont: His friends call the YouTuber by his first name. But he also has a second! Liont is the civil nameTimo Mikal Torres.

Lisha and Lou: Everyone has known it since "The Stars' Summer House" Lisha and Lou. The YouTuber dream couple was extremely popular with viewers. The two want to keep their real names a secret, but they like to call themselves "Mr. & Mrs. Savage".

Louis Tomlinson: His name is like the English prince: The full name of the 1D boy is Louis William Tomlinson.

Lorde: Crazy! The singer's name is nativeElla Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor, but calls himself Lorde.

Lucy Hale: The"Pretty Little Liars"-Girl ignores his first name. Because actually the actress is calledKaren Lucille Hale!

Madison Beer: The singer also has a pretty middle name: her full name isMadison Elle Beer.

Mark Forster:"Übermorgen", "Chöre" and "Au Revoir" - Mark Forster has already made many hits. But did you know that his real name actually Mark Ćwiertnia is? The singer has Polish roots.

Martin Garrix: The mega-DJ comes from Holland and is called Martijn Gerard Garritsen. Because hardly anyone in other countries can pronounce this, the 21-year-old simply simplified his stage name.

Michael Wendler: Most of you will probably only know him as "Der Wendler". A stage name that has burned in, the pop singer's real name is Michael Norberg. He was born with the surname Skowronek, but NO MATTER!

Miley Cyrus: Although she was actually born as Destiny Hope, no one ever called her that. So she officially made her nickname her first name! The Disney star is called today Miley Ray Cyrus.

Moji:Without a mask, without me - that's Moji's motto so far. The YouTuber has so far neither shown his face nor revealed his real name. But at least once in a Q&A he said that he would show his face at some point, he just doesn't know when. Maybe then we will find out his real name.

MontanaBlack: The YouTuber is often only called "Monte" by his fans real name, however, is Marcel Eris

Mrs. BellaThe real name of the beauty YouTuber is unknown - and it should stay that way. For a while it was circulating on the Internet that she was Isabella Schmidt, but she denied that a while ago in her Instagram story.

Niall Horan: The second name of the 1D member is James. So his full name is Niall James Horan.

Nicki Minaj The US rapper has a really nice, exotic name: Onika Tanya Maraj.

Nico Santos The super singer is actually called Nico Wellenbrink

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Nina Dobrev: The actress has greatly simplified her stage name. Because it's actually called Nikolina Konstantinova Dobreva.


The real names of the YouTubers & Stars: P-T

Pharrell: Only his biggest fans know the music producer's middle name! His name is namelyPharrell Lanscilo Williams.

Rebel Wilson: The "Pitch Perfect 2"-Star is really called Melanie Elizabeth Bownds. But the name was far too boring for the comedy queen ...

Rewinside: Most people just call the YouTuber "Rewi". Be real name is Sebastian Meyer

Rezo Has already revealed that his stage name has no deeper meaning. However, he doesn't want to talk about his real name. There are some sites that claim to have found out its real name. However, we are of the opinion: If you want to protect your privacy, you should also be allowed to do so.

Rita Ora: The singer owes her second name to her eastern origin! As Rita Sahatçiu Ora she was born in 1990 in Yugoslavia.

Rihanna: The singer was called Robyn Rihanna Fenty born, but found her second name more beautiful than the first! Nobody calls her Robyn anymore.

Succulent wildebeest: Of course, juicy gnu isn't the gamer's real name. It's actually called jasmine.

Selena Gomez: Pretty, short and classic: the full name of the "Fetish" singer is Selena Marie Gomez.

Shailene Woodley: Her middle name means "willed by God" - the actress becameShailene Diann Woodley baptized.

Shawn Mendes: The singer even has two middle names! His full name is Shawn Peter Raul Mendes.

Shay Mitchell: Her stage name is a mixture of her first two first names: the actress is actually called Shannon Ashley Mitchell.

Shindy When he's not a rapper, his name is Michael Schindler.

Simex: The YouTuber Simex has over 600,000 subscriptions on its channel. Even though he regularly shows his face and his girlfriend Elizabeth Sanchez in videos, his real name remains a secret. He is called "Simi" on his second channel.

Shirin David: The real name of the YouTuber is Barbara Shirin Davidavi? Ius. She is also called "Babsi" by friends.

Sido: Because his full name doesn't sound like a gangster rapper at all, he thought of another. But actually the name of the East Berliner isPaul Hartmut Würdig.

SYou: Quality Gaming, Vlogs and Gaming Challenges can be found on the SYou account - just his real name, you won't find it there. Everyone deserves a bit of privacy.

Taylor Swift: Tay has a cute middle name! her name is Taylor Alison Swift.

The Weeknd: Because there was already a band called "The Weekend", he left out the "e" in his stage name, but in real life the Canadian is called Abel Makkonen Tesafaye.

Troian Bellisario: The"Pretty Little Liars"-Actress is called by full name Troian Avery Bellisario.


The real names of the YouTubers & Stars: U-Z

Zach Galifianakis: The actor has a particularly unusual middle name! His full name is hisZach Knight Galifianakis.

Zara Larsson: Our favorite Swede simply leaves out the middle name: But her name isZara Maria Larsson.

Zayn: Recently, his last name is no longer part of his artist name - Zayn is actually called Zain Javadd Malik.

Zendaya: Her first name means "the grateful"! The 20-year-old was from her parents Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman called.

Zombey: became famous with his Let's Plays and has over 2 million subscriptions on YouTube. Be real name is Michael Rankl.