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When is a pregnancy test meaningful?

How does the pregnancy test know if I'm pregnant?

The test detects the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (ß-HCG for short) in the urine. After the fertilized egg has implanted, the hormone is produced by the early placenta to sustain the pregnancy. "The sudden increase right at the beginning makes it ideal for proving pregnancy in the early stages," says pharmacist Carina Eichenseer from Hirschau.

The selection of tests is huge. Which is the best now?

A matter of taste. Anyone who would rather read the magic word "pregnant" from the test in black and white rather than interpret lines is well served with a digital test. Pregnancy tests with a digital weekly display also provide an indication of how long the pregnancy has been going on. "That could possibly be very interesting for women with a rather irregular cycle," says Eichenseer.

When is a pregnancy test meaningful?

Early tests react to an HCG concentration of 10 mlU / ml (Milli-International Units per milliliter), a value that is sometimes reached four to six days before the missed period. However, a large number of pregnancies end before the expected menstrual period. Without an early test, a woman might not have found out that she was pregnant - so knowledge can put a strain on her.

Standard tests cannot be used until the period is due. Carina Eichenseer recommends waiting at least until the day of the due period or even one or two days longer: "The further the pregnancy has progressed, the more meaningful the result."

What does a pregnancy test cost?

Pregnancy tests are available from around four euros. The digital tests cost a little more.