What is search and display advertising

AdWords Display Network (GDN)

The Google Display Network (GDN for short) consists of millions of websites of various sizes and characteristics. These can be divided into two categories: services and programs from Google itself, such as YouTube, Gmail or DoubleClick AdExchange, and partner websites.

Display Network vs. Adsense Program

Partner websites can be large portals or private websites, broad or very specific topic pages. They are all characterized by the fact that their operators take part in the so-called "Adsense program": They allow Google to advertise on their pages and are therefore the counterpart to you who you want to advertise on them.

Well-known names such as Amazon, Heise, Spiegel Online and many more take part in this program. But the small, unknown niche websites can also serve you well. Although you only reach a relatively small number of users on each of these sites, due to the immense number of pages they add up to a relevant amount, which is also highly interested in the respective topic and therefore extremely interesting for you: You interact with the website significantly more often as a user on large portals and also pay much more attention to advertising. So you have enormous potential in terms of potential visitors and customers that you would not have reached without the display network.

Difference between search and display advertising networks

Make the different approaches in the search and display advertising network clear: In the search advertising network, a user enters a search query in a search engine and receives corresponding advertisements if a stored keyword matches the search. In the display advertising network, on the other hand, a user surfs on pages of interest to him, reads their content and sees the ads as part of the page.

Users spend much more time on display pages than on search pages, which they are known to leave immediately as soon as they find what they are looking for. This enables you to be on the display network more goals than clicks and conversions to pursue:

  • Create awareness
  • Practice branding
  • Increase range (Reach)

For this reason, advertisements in the display advertising network are often placed before advertisements in the search network. For example, think of a new product: Before users can search for it, they need to know about its existence. The display advertising network is ideal here to increase awareness. If the product is known, the search queries can then be intercepted via the search network.

A.) Display network in detail

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B.) Other types of campaigns

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