Why do startups need an effective design

Design your company logo and create the perfect external appearance

Have your company logo designed or design it yourself?

In the founding process there are a multitude of large and small decisions that have to be made. The small issues in particular often seem annoying, but they are elementary for successful self-employment. One of these decisions is whether you are able to design a logo yourself or whether it would be better to have the company logo designed. If you are not sure at this point, you should keep in mind what it takes to be able to design a company logo.

In order to be able to design a company logo, in addition to the necessary creativity and a feeling for colors, shapes and trends, knowledge of the common design programs is an advantage. In order to be able to design an effective company logo, you need know-how about branding, knowledge of word and figurative marks as well as basic knowledge in the field of typography. Conclusion: If you don't want to become a freelance designer of all things, you should have your company logo designed - by a designer.

The company logo is the key to the brand, the recognition value, the image of your start-up and the basis of your corporate design. All company documents such as business cards, stationery, the website or the product packaging are designed based on the logo. Anyone who wants to design a company logo on their own and only then realizes that the company logo is not the right one has the burden of having to change everything else again. The company logo is the core of the external appearance and a first point of contact when it comes to remembering a brand from the customer's point of view.

The company's logo from the designer just costs money unnecessarily !?

Many founders may now reply that they have to save up at the beginning of their own business and that they have no money at all for a designer. However, it is precisely these founders who make it a little too easy for themselves with such an attitude. Because the investment in a neat design that is needed when you have a company logo created is a long-term one. It is an investment in your image, your public image and an investment in the perception of your (potential) customers and partners.

So stinginess is out of place when designing a company logo - although that doesn't mean that you will run into insane expenses if you have your company logo designed. Rather, it is worth the money that a designer has studied for years in order to be able to design a company logo for you in a few hours, from which you will certainly benefit for years to come.

Communicate when you have a company logo designed

A professional designer will not simply create your company logo without first talking to you about your business idea, goals and requirements. Since the designer is unlikely to know you and your start-up, he first has to find out what you want to sell, what design wishes you have, what style you are pursuing and what purpose the logo should fulfill. In the so-called briefing, as an entrepreneur, you give your designer the opportunity to get to know you and your ideas better. Only then can it be guaranteed that you will like the finished logo.

Often customers who have been commissioned to have a company logo designed have the opportunity to decide whether they want just one draft or a second alternative. If you only have a company logo designed, it is cheaper, but it can also happen that the founder does not like the logo yet and the repair work increases the costs. So you are on the safe side if you have at least two drafts designed and then make a choice.

Even if designers create the company logo: it is important that the designer gives you all rights to the company logo and that you can use it in all media without restriction. The registration of a trademark should also be made in your name so that the rights in the event of a dispute lie with you.

Design the company logo and protect the word and image brand

If you have a designer create a company logo for you, you can register it as a trademark and / or design. A brand can consist of words, letters, numbers, images, colors and acoustic signals. Which property rights you can register for the logo depends on the planned use. Because brands and designs pursue different purposes and can differ in the respective scope of protection.

You protect the logo as a brand if you want to identify the origin of goods or services offered by your company. The logo is then protected as an image or word-image trademark. With a registered design, on the other hand, you secure your logo if you want to protect its appearance. What is meant are lines, contours, colors and decorations. In particular, if you are planning to provide your logo on various products, design protection is an option. In general, founders should deal extensively with the topic of industrial property rights in order to protect their business idea.

Avoid mistakes when designing the company logo

If you design a company logo or have a company logo designed, there is always room for creativity that gives preference to your wishes and ideas. But there are some mistakes that young entrepreneurs should especially avoid when it comes to a professional logo.

Design a company logo yourself without know-how: Without know-how about colors, shapes, fonts and trademark law, hardly anyone will be able to design a serious company logo. Those who refuse to make use of the skills of a designer can possibly obstruct their entrepreneurial success.

Use a logo generator: A professional logo design is a service that takes a certain amount of time and this time naturally costs money. A logo generator can hardly capture the essence of your start-up and certainly does not take your corporate design into account.

Just watch out for money when you have a company logo designed: It should not be a matter of stinginess when you decide who should design your company logo. Comparing multiple designers is advisable, but price isn't the only factor. References, skills and creativity also play a role.

Designing a company logo without paying attention to the wordmarks and figurative marks of others: Anyone who wants to design a company logo themselves and violates the property rights of others can quickly get into trouble. A designer knows what to watch out for.

Choosing an unsuitable layout: As shown in the logo examples, the logo design should match the start-up. A funeral home therefore chooses muted colors and clear fonts, while a toy manufacturer can rely on bright colors and bright motifs.

Author: Für-Gründer.de editors

As editor-in-chief, René Klein has been responsible for the content of the portal and all publications by Für-Gründer.de for over 10 years. He is a regular conversation partner in other media and writes numerous external specialist articles on start-up topics. Before his time as editor-in-chief and co-founder of Für-Gründer.de, he advised listed companies in the field of financial market communication.