How do I experiment with validity

ULESS - Laboratory for Decision Experiments

Take part in experiments and earn money

Are you interested in our experiments and would you like to take part? Do you want to support research at ULESS and earn some money at the same time? We are always looking for new test participants! To be invited to experiments, you must first register as a participant. As a registered participant, you will receive invitations to experiments from us at irregular intervals, naturally including all relevant information such as date, expected duration and a link to the binding registration.

If you are registered for an experiment and arrive on time for the appointment, you will earn an expense allowance of € 6. Furthermore, depending on the experiment, you can earn additional money depending on your decisions, the decisions of other participants and random influences. More detailed information on these payouts is described in the instructions for the respective experiment.

And don't worry, you don't need any previous knowledge to participate. At the beginning of the experiment you will receive detailed and transparent instructions and if anything is unclear, you can contact the experimenter at any time.

You can read detailed information about participating in our experiments in our conditions of participation.