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Math quotes and sayings

The math book is the only place it's normal for a single person to buy 103 melons.
Unknown: The circle is a geometric figure that has been saved in every nook and cranny.
The scientist is a man who would rather count than guess.
Unknown A zero can increase existing problems tenfold.
Unknown: He was a mathematician and she was unpredictable.
There are three types of mathematician, some can count and some cannot.
Unknown: There are no stupid questions. There are only stupid people who don't ask.
UnknownLove is like the number Pi - positive, irrational, and very, very important.
UnknownMathematics is the study of human thought.
UnknownWhy do mathematicians confuse Christmas and Halloween? Because Oct 31 = Dec 25.
Unknown who asks is a fool for five minutes. Who doesn't ask for a lifetime.
Unknown How much is 2 + 2? 5 including VAT, 0 if the calculator is broken and 4 if you have no imagination.
Unknown How much is three times seven? Very fine sand! And what is four times six? Exhausting.
If that's the solution, I want my problem back.
Unknown It just works or it just doesn't work.
You learn the rule of three and probability and then you stand in front of the oven brooding and wondering which of the four rails is the middle one.
We are today's students who, in yesterday's schools, are prepared for tomorrow's problems with teachers from yesterday and methods from the Middle Ages.
Abraham Maslow If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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Quoted from "Poincaré's Conjecture" by Donal O'Shea

"Mathematical knowledge builds on the work of those who were there before us. It is hard-earned, and often we don't appreciate it as we should. Anyone who has a normal education today can solve arithmetic and algebraic problems on which the Most Babylonian scholars would have failed. And anyone with a few semesters of analysis and linear algebra can master problems that Pythagoras, Archimedes, and not even Newton could have cracked. With a degree in mathematics, you can now do topological calculations that Riemann or Poincaré cannot once. We are no smarter than them. We are their beneficiaries. "

Poincaré's conjecture: The story of a mathematical adventure (by Donal O`Shea) can be found on p. 271