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PUBG: Patch notes for the PC update 11.2

World change - bridges of the military base

Last November we asked the players where Erangel could still be improved. After looking at your answers and discussing them internally, we decided to focus on the bridges on the island of Sosnovka. This minor overhaul should now give players more options to cross the bridges. Some major changes have been made to the two bridges that connect the island of Sosnovka and the mainland of Erangel.

  • The 4th Anniversary Graffiti Contest graffiti has been removed.
Survivor Pass: Pajama Party

Turn your slumber party into a massacre! With the Survivor Pass: Slumber Party!

This is the first pass to use our new pass posting method. You are no longer tied to the season in terms of time or topic. This gives us more options in terms of content, duration and even the number of passes per year. Little has changed in the mechanics of the passes themselves. Missions and rewards continue to exist, so get your pass today and start unlocking items right away!

  • The Survivor Pass: Pajama Party is available in two different item packs.
    • WEAPON PACK "PAJAMA PARTY" (990 G-Coins)
      • Premium Pass + The Big Sleep - AUG weapon skin
      • Premium pass + Great Sleep - AUG weapon skin + voucher St. 30
  • The Survivor Pass: Pajama Party offers over 30 rewards for players who unlock all 50 levels.
    • You earn XP through matches and completing missions. Additional levels can be purchased with G-Coins.
  • The Survivor Pass: Pajama Party includes the following types of missions.
    • Daily missions, weekly missions, challenge missions.
  • The Survivor Pass: Pajama Party begins April 28 at 11 a.m. KST and ends June 9 at 11 a.m. KST.
    • Collect your rewards before the pass ends, as this time there is no additional grace period to collect your rewards after the end of the season.
    • Don't forget to use your vouchers in the voucher shop before the season ends. They can then no longer be used.
Gameplay & Balance

Balance adjustment when shooting while driving past

It has been a few patches since we worked on the basic vehicle aiming issues. Since vehicles are an integral part of our Battle Royale experience, we want to encourage players to engage in fire fights in vehicles, but we want to keep the game balanced.

After evaluating our data and your feedback, we noticed that kills by co-drivers increased significantly more than we had originally planned.

We are therefore increasing the recoil from passengers and we will continue to monitor the situation in case any further changes are necessary:

  • Recoil in vehicles has been increased by 10%.
    • This change does not apply to pistols and the driver.
Balance adjustment of the reputation system

Since the last update, 10.2, we've looked at your feedback on the newly introduced reputation system. After carefully analyzing the data, we concluded that some parts of the system were being exploited. In certain cases, the in-game and replay reporting system has been exploited to falsely report players in order to reduce their reputation level. To fix this problem we decided to make the following changes:

  • A few cases have been observed of the reporting system being exploited in-game and in replays. To address these issues, these false positives no longer affect player reputation levels.
  • To prevent a 3-man squad from deliberately reporting the 4th player in the squad, a maximum number of reputation points that can be deducted in a single session has been set.

We have also received feedback on several occasions that it would take too many games to recover lost reputation points. We have taken the following steps to resolve this issue.

  • For players with a Reputation Level of 1 or lower, the number of Reputation Points that can be earned through normal and fair gameplay has been increased to make recovery easier and faster.
    • The number of reputation points that can be achieved with reputation level 4 has been increased.

We expect more players to reach Reputation Level 5 from now on. Thanks for your feedback and keep up the good work!

Please note that we do not publish the exact numbers and conditions of the adjustments in order to prevent further misuse of the system.

Update of the weapon models
  • The SLR now has a new muzzle model if it is equipped with a flash hider.

Match history & match report improvements

Looking at past games to find out what you've done right or wrong is an important aspect of the game in order to improve as a player. We want to make sure that you have the best possible tools at your disposal. In addition to the replay system that already exists, we've adjusted the Match History and Match Report screens slightly to make this information easier to find and understand.

Match history

  • The design of the match history has been improved and the elements of the match history list have been rearranged.
    • The battleground image of the match tickets has been enlarged.
    • The icon for the last 20 match statistics has been improved
    • "View report" tooltip is now displayed when the mouse pointer is hovered over the match ticket.
    • The diagram for the placement trend of the last 20 matches is now represented by a line diagram.
  • The statistics for avg. Kills has been replaced with the K / D ratio.
  • Assists have been added to the list of recorded statistics.
    • Assist has also been added to the match reports.
Performance improvements
  • Client performance has been improved by disabling certain voice chat features when voice chat is disabled.
  • The FPS stability of the client has been improved by removing some stuttering through optimizations.
  • The CPU performance has been optimized by adding multi-threaded rendering.
  • The CPU performance has been increased by optimizing the animation.
  • Various server and client performance optimizations by reducing server and client stuttering.
Items & Skins

Adjustments to the item group

During our game development process, there were items that were equally valuable (gray background), but classified differently. With this update we have given these items the same rating and group. These items can be exchanged for 60 BP.

This update was actually planned for 11.2. But it was accidentally released with the last update while we were applying a bug fix update for 11.1.

End of sale announcement

The following items will be removed from the shop after April 29th maintenance! Get them while you still can.

    • Road Warrior Helmet (Level 1)
    • [BATTLESTAT] Rip Tide - M16A4, P18C, Vector, SLR, Beryl, S12K, MP5K, QBZ, P92, SKS
    • [BATTLESTAT] Finish Line - G36C, Scorpio
    • [BATTLESTAT] Convergence - S686, UMP45
    • [BATTLESTAT] SCAR-L "Bloody Snowday"
    • [BATTLESTAT] Mk47 Mutant "Danger Zone"
    • [BATTLESTAT] QBU "Firestarter"
    • [BATTLESTAT] P1911 "Spartan"


For players who want to give their PUBG ID name badge a little more flair, the first animated name badges are now available in the shop. They are available individually or in a package at a special price. So check them out and get even more stylish!

Nameplates- 500 G-Coin (Available April 28, 2021 - April 27, 2022)

  • Vikendi bird
  • Hand drawn raid
  • Dogs of war
  • Headlights
  • Feline anger
  • Retro ride
  • Bark at the Moon

Name badge - part 2 - 500-GCoin (Available May 19, 2021 - May 18, 2022)

  • Two smoking runs
  • adrenaline
  • Julie
  • The end

The animations of the animated nameplates are active on the following screens:

  • Careers> Survival
  • User profile
  • Screen at the end of the game - Opposing PUBG ID
  • Viewer - PUBG ID of the viewer
  • Deathcam - Killer's PUBG ID

The animations are not active on the following screens:

  • Match Report> Survival Overview
  • Team information in the system menu in the game

VALUE-PACK "SHEEPOVER-G-COIN" - 1050 G-Coin (available from April 28th - June 9th, 2021)

  • Sleep mask "Sheepover"
  • "Sheepover" pajama top
  • Sheepover pajama shorts

LABOR DAY sets (Available April 28 - June 9, 2021)

  • "Streetwear" bundle (990 G-Coins)
    • "Hipster" denim jacket (700 G-Coins)
    • Skinny Jeans "Hipster" (350 G-Coins)
    • "Hipster" canvas shoes (150 G-Coins)
  • Bundle "Caffeine King Uniform" (900 G-Coins)
    • "Caffeine King" hat (200 G-Coins)
    • Apron "Caffeine King" (200 G-Coins)
    • Leggings "Caffeine King" (700 G-Coins)
  • "Sporty" bundle (1090 G-Coins)
    • "Retro" training jacket (700 G-Coins)
    • Shirt "Her Galaxy" (200 G-Coins)
    • Shorts "Her Galaxy" (350 G-Coins)
    • Soccer cleats and socks (blue-green) (150 G-Coins)
  • Victory Dance 48 (500 G-Coins)
  • Victory Dance 49 (500 G-Coins)

New workers gloves

  • Worker Gloves (Yellow) (300 G-Coins)
  • Worker's Gloves (White) (300 G-Coins)
  • Worker's Gloves (Black) (300 G-Coins)

The best show on Erangel! "Circus" sets

  • Bundle "Circus Star" (1290 G-Coins)
    • Uniform "circus star" (1190 G-Coin)
    • "Circus Star" shoes (200 G-Coin)
    • (Bonus) circus star hair
    • (Bonus) circus star makeup
  • Bundle "Leader" (1490 G-Coins)
    • Cylinder "Leader" (300 G-Coins)
    • "Leader" jacket (990 G-Coins)
    • Vest "Leader" (300 G-Coins)
    • "Leader" trousers (500 G-Coins)
    • "Leader" boots (200 G-Coins)
  • "Sideshow Bear" costume set (1290 G-Coins)
    • Mask "Sideshow Bear" (600 G-Coins)
    • "Sideshow Bear" costume (800 G-Coins)
    • "Sideshow Bear" shoes (200 G-Coins)
    • (Bonus) Scratching Grizzly Emote
  • "Harlequin" helmet pack (1000 G-Coins)
    • "Harlequin" helmet (Level 1) (500 G-Coins)
    • "Harlequin" helmet (Level 2) (500 G-Coins)
    • "Harlequin" helmet (level 3) (500 G-Coins)
  • "Harlequin" weapon pack (1980 G-Coins)
    • Harlequin - AKM (990 G-Coins)
    • Harlequin - SLR (990 G-Coins)
    • Magic Orb - Groza (990 G-Coins)
  • "Circus tent" backpack pack (1000 G-Coins)
    • Backpack "Circus Tent" (Level 1) (500 G-Coins)
    • Backpack "Circus Tent" (Level 2) (500 G-Coins)
    • Backpack "Circus Tent" (Level 3) (500 G-Coins)
  • Victory Dance 50 (500 G-Coins)

Check out the robust new outfits: "EXPLORER" sets(Available May 26, 2021 - May 25, 2022)

  • Outfit set "Pathfinder" (1190 G-Coins)
    • Boy Scout Uniform (700 G-Coins)
    • Boy Scout Rock (700 G-Coins)
    • Boy Scout Shoes (150 G-Coins)
  • "Survivor Biker" outfit set (1190 G-Coins)
    • "Survivor Biker" helmet (Level 2) (300 G-Coins)
    • "Survivor Biker" vest (700 G-Coins)
    • Shirt "Survivor Biker" (200 G-Coins)
    • Jeans "Survivor Biker" (350 G-Coins)
    • "Survivor Biker" shoes (150 G-Coins)
  • "Wanderer" outfit set (1190 G-Coins)
    • "Wanderer" scarf (350 G-Coins)
    • Overshirt "Wanderer" (700 G-Coins)
    • "Wanderer" shorts (350 G-Coins)
    • "Wanderer" shoes (150 G-Coins)
    • (Bonus) "Wanderer" tank top
  • Zima "Ranged Shredder" (990 G-Coins)
  • BRDM "Snake Hunter" (990 G-Coins)
  • Siegestanz 51 (500 G-Coins)
  • Victory Dance 52 (500 G-Coins)

Streamer Pack - MOZZ (Available May 5th - July 28th, 2021)

  • MOZZs PACK (1340 G-Coins)
    • MOZZ's dress (1000 G-Coin)
    • MOZZs M24 (990 G-Coins)


Replay system

  • The replay system has been updated. The files of the last Replay version can no longer be played.
Bug fixes


We fixed issues causing the

  • a normal player could delete other players' custom sessions.
  • a normal player could play games in another player's custom sessions.
  • a normal player could start another player's custom sessions.
  • a normal player could change the lobby settings of other players' custom sessions.
  • a regular player could move other players to another seat in other players' custom sessions.
  • Raindrops formed on vehicles even though they were, for example, in a garage and played with cloudy weather settings.
  • an awkward movement of the character's left arm was made when a weapon was equipped.
  • Bots firing a gun made a double sound ..
  • Vehicles could not drive through small fences and could destroy them and instead were blocked (happened more often on Erangel).
  • the bazooka recoil was weaker than intended.
  • an abnormal aiming problem in FPP existed when a player in a passenger seat of the pickup truck aims in a certain direction.
  • exhausted Jammerpacks were fully restored after using the emergency pickup.
  • Players could interact through an unbroken window (looting objects, opening doors, etc.).
  • the motorcycle and Mirado slipped or wobbled up and down.


  • We fixed several bugs on the training map.


We fixed issues causing the

  • when sending a friend request to a bot, an error message was displayed.
  • Helmets and vests displayed on the inventory screen in a defective condition while their durability was above 0.
  • an abnormal system error message was displayed while navigating to the survival page.

Skins & items

We fixed issues causing the

  • There was a clipping issue with other items when equipping PGI.S Beast-Mode Mask items.
  • PGI.S COLORSHIFT elements had an uncomfortable texture when displayed in the Career - Weapons menu.
  • an invisible texture that was displayed when equipping crash test handwraps.
  • there was a clipping issue when equipping EVENING BLOOM DRESS BOX and Major Trouble Jacket items (green).
  • Passed weird looping motion of the Victory Dance 43 animation.