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What Alexa Can Do - List of the Top 111 Alexa Skills Alexa Skills: The 111 Best Free Amazon Echo Features

Countless providers have already decided to cooperate with Amazon and have brought their own free Alexa Skill onto the market. Experts now speak of around 20,000 available Alexa skills. To make it easier for customers to get an overview, Amazon has therefore provided its Skill Store with 23 horizontally aligned categories. Our editorial team presents the 111 best Alexa skills in the individual categories and reveals which incredibly bad skills everyone should keep away from. We also explain the circumstances under which skills could cost money and where potential security risks lurk.

Each Echo speaker can be supplemented with free additional functions with Alexa Skills (Microsoft / Amazon)

What are skills?

Amazon Skills are similar to apps on a smartphone. Alexa receives practical additional functions through subsequently activated skills that she does not bring with her from the start. The range of functions of all Amazon Echo speakers and the Alexa language software installed on them can be expanded at any time. Alexa can accordingly fulfill more and more individual wishes over time. In addition, the skills also enable the control of lamps, thermostats and many other Alexa-compatible devices that do not come directly from Amazon.

Where can I find Alexa Skills?

Amazon lists its Alexa skills on its own website in a section of the same name. However, if you don't want to go to the trouble of looking for the desired function in the Alexa Skill Store among thousands of Alexa features, some of which are very questionable, you will also find direct links to the respective download option on Amazon in our overview.

How do I activate Alexa Skills?

In principle, all Alexa skills can be activated in the Amazon Skill Store or, for the most part, directly via Alexa voice command. Most Alexa skills are currently still free - to increase sales, Amazon announced the introduction of in-app purchases for Alexa skills at the end of 2017. It is therefore foreseeable that more and more chargeable Alexa functions will be offered in the future. For example, donation opportunities for charity skills from aid organizations or service offers such as learning, lexicon and information skills would be conceivable. So that you don't accidentally pay for it, we present the best free Alexa skills here.

1. Education & Reference Alexa Skills

  • Stain remover Alexa Skill: Not only saves mothers with small children the day. With the help of a comprehensive stain database, this skill helps to quickly erase any type of stain. For example also patches of grass. For this it is enough z. B. to ask: "Alexa, ask stain remover how do I remove grass stains." In addition, general cleaning tips can be accessed via the stain remover skill.
  • Translator Alexa Skill: This one is not quite as well known as the PONS Translate Skill. However, he received significantly better customer ratings for this. Nevertheless, the interpreter Alexa Skill, like all Alexa Skills from this area up to now, sometimes wavers with whole sentences. Conclusion: Good solution for single words or short sentences, but not yet a perfect interpreter.
  • Basic Law: The Basic Law of the same name has all 146 articles of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany up its sleeve and can name them on demand. Maybe not for everyone, but still a good solution for further education.
  • Legal database: The legal database skill provides even more useful information about law and order. It can also be used to access facts about the Code of Criminal Procedure (STPO), the Code of Civil Procedure (ZPO) and the Criminal Code (STGB).
  • Green thumb Alexa Skill: As the name suggests, the Green Thumb Skill helps with all questions and problems with all kinds of plants. So far, the list includes almost only indoor plants, but it will soon be expanded. The skill can be started, for example, with the statement: "Alexa, start green thumbs."
  • Timetable Skill: This skill was developed for stressed parents who wonder anew every day whether their darling should have their sports bag or their painting supplies with them today. Several timetables can be created using the timetable skill and queried orally via Alexa. For example with the following voice command: "Alexa, ask the timetable, which hours does Anna have on Monday?"
  • Wikipedia: To quickly fill in spontaneous knowledge gaps, Alexa users can simply have appropriate articles read out to them using the unofficial Wikipedia skill.
Any number of Alexa skills can be used with each Echo device (Mariella Wendel / home & smart editorial team)


2. Alexa Skills Utilities

  • Waste calendar skill: Where there is planing, there are shavings and those who work a lot also produce a lot of (paper) rubbish. But not only in the office, the popular waste calendar skill ensures that the garbage is always ready to be picked up on the street in good time. The Amazon Echo can thus be instructed, for example: "Alexa, ask the waste calendar when the green bin will be picked up."
  • Cell phone finder: Thanks to the Handy Finder Skill, anyone who frequently misplaces their cell phone will no longer have to search desperately for it. Instead, it is sufficient to activate this skill. For example with one of the following two commands: "Alexa, start Handy Finder and call me" or "Alexa, ask Handy Finder what my PIN is."
  • Calendar calculator: If you want to know when the next full moon is coming up or when the next school holidays start, the calendar days Alexa Skill is well advised. He also knows many name days.
  • Black Werewolf Alexa Skill: This skill reveals when the next full moon will be seen. Regardless of whether you are a potential sleepwalker, bad sleeper or herb collector: the entertaining Black Werewolf Skill keeps you up to date on the current "werewolf threat". The higher it is, the shorter the time span until the next full moon. Just say to Alexa: "Alexa ask Black Werewolf about the danger."
  • Random number generator Alexa Skill: Whether for the lottery ticket or the selection of a secure password, the random number generator Skill calls numbers between 0 and 100 by default. If you want other number ranges, you can easily define them by voice command. For example: "Alexa, say random number 'give me a number from 100 to 200'."

3. Food & Drink Alexa Skills

  • Crispy baked goods thanks to the back witch: Almost as irresistible as the gingerbread house in the fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel", cakes, rolls and other baked goods are made with the help of the baking witch skill. It is started, for example, with the voice command: "Alexa, ask Backhexe how do you make a strudel."
  • No beer before four: For all beer fans, the Beer Facts Skill provides useful, curious and funny information about barley juice, even if you are not allowed to or do not want to drink beer. Whoever uses it is sure to become a real entertainer at the next party.
  • Chef: Regardless of whether it is a matter of conjuring up something delicious out of the last three remaining ingredients in the refrigerator or bringing a noble holiday dish to the table: the chef Skill has the right recipe ready for every occasion.
  • Barkeeper: Just the thing for the next party - the bartender skill helps to find and prepare exactly the right drink or cocktail for every guest.
  • Nutella: Lovers of the famous chocolate cream can use the Nutella Skill to get 55 baking recipes including step-by-step instructions.
  • For the perfect steak with the right core temperature: The Perfect preparation of fish and meat requires a lot of practice and is always a tricky challenge, especially for novice cookers. With the core temperature skill, however, you are on the safe side.
  • Seasonal calendar: If you want to eat healthily, you can use the Skill seasonal calendar to quickly and easily find out which types of fruit and vegetables are currently available in the area. This saves long transport routes and often costs.


4. Film & TV Alexa Skills

  • Bond films: If you think you already know everything about the famous agent licensed to kill, you can use the Bond Films Skill to test whether you are really right. In addition to the actors, this exciting echo feature also lists quotes, direction, actors and much more. It can be started, for example, with the command: "Alexa, ask Bond Films in which year did the film Goldfinger appear?" or "Alexa, ask Bond films what year did Martin Campbell direct?"
  • TV program overGet Alexa: For more general questions about TV programs, on the other hand, the TV program Skill is a good alternative. This means, for example, that the current program on a station can be queried at a certain time or a consultation can be started with the following statement: "Alexa, ask the TV program for the recommendations for tonight."
With the right Alexa Skill, the evening program becomes exciting (iko / Adobe Stock)
  • Cinema ticker: Many Alexa beginners use the Yellow Pages cinema skill, but have problems with the somewhat cumbersome operation. We therefore rather recommend the cinema ticker, which was a bit easier to use in our practical test. It is started very simply with the command: "Alexa, ask Kinoticker about all new releases."
  • Streaming search engine: If you are looking for the next broadcast date of your favorite series, you will reach your goal particularly quickly with the JustWatch Skill.
  •  Commissioner Falke as a personal crime scene expert: When is the next crime scene with my favorite police officers? Tatort viewers who would like to find out about the next broadcast date of their favorite crime novel are well advised to contact Commissioner Falke Skill. After all, he has all the current crime scene episodes in his sights, from Das Erste to ARD, NDR, WDR and RBB. The skill can be activated, for example, with the voice command: "Alexa, ask Commissioner Falke whether the crime scene is running today"


5. Health & Fitness Alexa Skills

  • 7 minute workout: If you don't just listen to sports news, but also want to get fitter yourself and reduce stress, you can do twelve exercises in just seven minutes under supervision with the Gymondo workout.
  • Trainer without mercy: Nice sayings were yesterday, from today the sports motivator Skill delivers tough comments that are supposed to scare the weaker self. Entertaining, but not for the faint of heart. So if it is difficult to get up again, just say to your echo: "Alexa, ask the weaker self if I should do sports?"
  • Fitbit skill for athletes (and those who want to become one): What could be nicer than looking forward to your own performance after a strenuous exercise. To make this even better measurable, there is the Fitbit Skill for all trackers from the brand of the same name. This can be used, for example, to ask: "Alexa, ask Fitbit how did I sleep last night."
  • Relaxation through music: Are you rushed, annoyed or stressed? The "Spanish guitar will bring you peace," at least that is what the provider of the Relaxing Sounds skill promises. If you want to try out the effects of this amazingly popular skill yourself, all you have to say is: "Alexa, start the Spanish guitar."
  • Natural falling asleep sounds: If the "Spanish guitar" gets on your nerves after just a few minutes, you may finally find peace with the provider of the sleep noises. Because this skill can imitate rain showers, ocean waves, a fireplace, a stream, frogs, birds and even a thunderstorm, a train or an airplane, among other things. It is activated with the command: "Alexa, play [... e.g. rain shower] of falling asleep noises."
  • Brain jogging Alexa Skill: The brain jogging skill promises two training methods with up to five levels of difficulty. For example, Alexa names an arithmetic problem with a result and the user has to use "yes" or "no" to determine whether he thinks the solution is correct. If you want to use the skill, you just have to remember the following sentence: "Alexa, start brain jogging"
  • Brushing your teeth with a voice assistant: Teaching children to brush their teeth can be a great test of patience. Therefore, the teeth brushing skill should make dental hygiene more fun for the whole family by starting a randomly selected song. You just have to say to Alexa "Alexa, start brushing your teeth" and off you go.

6. Home Services Alexa Skills

  • Cell phone finder: It was just there ... Wrong contemporaries can be happy because Alexa can help them find their smartphone. In order for it to work, the Handy Finder Skill must first be activated in the Alexa app, a telephone number specified there must be called and a PIN entered.
  • Tell my man: If your own spouse is not listening again, women can let Alexa tell them their wishes. As an alternative to the Tell my husband Skill, there are also the Sag my wife and the Tell my child ... Skill.

7. Children's skills

  • Tickling Monster: With the sentence "Alexa, it's time to tickle through" the tickling monster skill is brought to life, which should be a lot of fun, especially for families with kindergarten children.
  • Bibi Blocksberg: Thanks to the Bibis World Skill, fans of the famous little witch can call up exciting witches' sayings, quiz questions and much more via Alexa.
  • Little Red Riding Hood Skill varies fairy tales: And they lived happily ever after. Most fairy tales end like this and we already know them inside out. The Rotk├Ąppchen Skill should provide more excitement. Because the interactive design enables the story to be changed. How it actually works is shown here: Little Red Riding Hood Alexa Skill tells fairy tales with variable outcomes.
  • 1,2 or 3 ?: With this skill, as the name suggests, all players can choose between three different answer options. Every question is allowed to think for 30 seconds After nine rounds the 1, 2 or 3 game ends.
  • The three ???: The popular Die Drei ??? - Skill is also interactive, who was able to inspire many other testers besides us.

8. Communication skills

  • Consolation donors: Whenever something goes wrong in life, Amazon's language assistant likes to listen and, if requested, will help with good advice - for example, about Pintarweb's consolation skill, which is intended to encourage but also stimulate thought. For people who really deserve a lesson, on the other hand, there is the ironic one round of compassion skill.

9. Lifestyle Alexa skills

  • Advent Calendar: The interactive Alexa Skill Hello Advent ensures a lot of variety so that the waiting time until the presents is not so long. E.g. with competitions, poems, music or a suggestion for a good deed.
  • Picture yours Alexa Skill: So far, the Bild Zeitung has been able to convince its readers primarily with large-format images. Brief verbal information is now intended to entertain and inform the listener. The BILD Skill covers topics from sports to politics and celebrity news. The skill is started automatically after the question: "Alexa, what are the messages?"
  • Gala Alexa Skill: The editors of the gala have also recognized the trend towards Alexa use and have brought out their own skill. The Gala Skill includes a celebrity quiz with which you can test your own knowledge of gossip. It is started with the command: "Alexa, open GALA."
  • Confucius says ... Confucius says Skill always has a white saying ready, which will certainly not only elicit a smile from fans of Far Eastern cultures and sometimes even inspire philosophizing. Would you like an example? "You can't get a gemstone bare without rubbing it."
  • Wisdom for every situation: The sage Helge Skill provides the right saying for every situation in life. With the request "Alexa, start Weiser Helge and enlighten me", one of 456 inspiring pieces of wisdom can be called up.
  • Yoga: With the VGH Yoga Time Skill everyone can comfortably and flexibly call up 16 free series of exercises from home. This echo feature is started e.g. B. via the voice command: "Alexa, tell yoga time that I want to practice fifteen minutes!"
  • VEGAN facts: There is now hardly a circle of friends that does not have at least one vegetarian or vegan. With the VEGAN facts skill, meat fans can now learn interesting facts about vegan nutrition and score points at the next cooking event.


10. Local & Regional Alexa Skills

  • City guide Karlsruhe Alexa Skill: As the Karlsruhe editorial team, we are proud that Alexa also wants to convey the advantages of our city to outsiders. The Cityguide Karlsruhe Skill provides information on art and culture, as well as tips on excursions into the nature around Karlsruhe. It can be started like this: "Alexa ask Cityguide Karlsruhe about the top sights.
  • Inquire about the cinema program for Bonn: Although this is an unofficial skill that was not commissioned by Woki or CineVision Filmtheater GmbH, it is still very useful to find out about the current cinema program. In addition, the show times of the current blockbusters can be queried via the Bonn Skill cinema program. For example like this: "Alexa, ask Kino Bonn what's on in the cinema on Thursday evening."
  • Practical for students in Aachen: Depending on your taste, different canteens in Aachen can be selected and their menus read out sorted by date or dish. So far, the Aachen Skill canteen has included the Academica, Vita and Ahorn canteens. Hungry Alexa owners can ask their language assistant, for example: "Alexa, ask Mensa Aachen what is the burger of the day in the Academica ...


11. Music & Audio Alexa Skills

  • Thunderstorm, Alexa !: Thunderstorm in an endless loop? Sounds strange at first, but it can be very calming. Especially when it is a "gentle" thunderstorm, as in this case. The natural noise thunder-weather skill is therefore particularly suitable for people who find it difficult to concentrate in a restless environment. They find peace with the admittedly somewhat misleading command: "Alexa, start Donnerwetter."
  • MTV Top Ten: Uses information from mtv.de to name the top ten of the current German single charts. The German Charts Skill is therefore a good solution for everyone who always wants to be up to date. You can get the latest music with the Alexa command, among other things: "Alexa ask German charts for the top ten."
  • according to.fm Alexa Skill: With this skill it is possible to listen to several thousand user-generated radio stations. Alexa only needs the specification of a music genre and then suggests suitable music using the laut.fm skill. It is of course also possible to select a specific station. For example with the voice command: "Alexa, play rock music from laut.fm"
  • BAYERN 3: For real fans, of course, not just any station is an option and therefore there is a BAYERN 3 skill for your own.